Get the IMDb App. She calls this "luxecycling" and her vision, hard work and skill quickly saw the company grow, with Zoe now a regular on BBC TV shows (e.g. Zoe Pocock is a businesswoman, upcycler, designer, and TV presenter. Can he make a Flipping Profit? Building the Dream Friday 23rd October 2020. Nicola Broughton ... Like the BBC Cbeebies Junk Rescue and Flipping Profit TV shows. Starting her business, Muck n Brass, just 4 years ago she has grown her pioneering, luxury upcycling brand into one of the most respected and influential players in the sector. Zoe Pocock, Muck N Brass, said: “Emmaus came to my mind straight away while filming in Cambridge for Flipping Profit. Luxecycling, sympathetically, uncommonly, passionately. He takes on top trader Linda Lambert and trendy upcycler Zoe Pocock in their battle to find second-hand gems to turn into gold at Glastonbury. Also in HD. Zoe from Muck and Brass certainly knows how to create something different, be it up cycling furniture, to finding new ways of utilising shop manikins. An antiques expert, a market trader and an upcycler compete to make the most money for Children in Need. Announcement Last updated on 10 Jul, 2020. Zoe Pococck, Podcast, Muck N Brass, TV Presenter, in bed with Neil Moodie, C Beebies, Junk Rescue, Flipping Profit, Mike Pocock. Dubbed South East London’s coolest recycler, Zoe Pocock, owns Muck N Brass which creates funky furniture. Biography Zoe Pocock is known for her work on Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011), The Weekend Workshop (2020) and Flipping Profit (2018). Mark Stacey, Tony Wong and Zoe Pocock visit Exeter. The total cost of the piece and restoration came to £199.60, with the finished sideboard selling for £595, making a profit of £395.40. Friday 23rd October 2020 12.45-13.30. Known for her innovation, creativity and technical skill, Zoe Pocock creates unique and original … Gavin Claxton, Melissa Downhill and Zoe Pocock head to Chipping Campden to find bargains they can flip into profit. Flipping Profit, Junk Rescue). [S,AD] Categories Flipping Profit Post navigation. The three experts have just one day to scour its flea markets, antiques shops and scrap yards looking for those elusive bargains, and then they have just three weeks to turn them to cash. Zoe Pocock. Flipping Profit Friday 23rd October 2020. Get the IMDb App; View Full Site; Help; Site Index; IMDbPro; IMDb TV; Box Office Mojo; IMDb Developer; Press Room; Advertising; Flipping Profit E11 of 20 ... Antiques expert Mark Stacey, wheeler-dealer Tony Wong and upcycler Zoe Pocock head to Exeter to find some bargains they can turn into profit for Children in Need. Muck N Brass's Zoe Pocock can be seen on the brand new series The Weekend Workshop on HGTV, BBC 1 Flipping Profit and Cbeebies Junk Rescue. 10. ... Mar 11 Spotlight on Zoe Pocock of Muck 'N' Brass. Zoe Pocock. Antiques auctioneer Charles Hanson, top trader Linda Lambert and trendy upcycler Zoe Pocock head to Glastonbury to find some bargains they can turn into some flipping profit.