Using a Microplane zester, zest 3 yuzu into a small bowl (for about 1 tsp zest. Rice wine vinegar is the same as rice vinegar, it just goes by different names sometimes! Heat just until dissolved. Mix well. Combine all the ingredients in a clean sterilised jar. THOUGHTS A tablespoon of soy sauce and/or a teaspoon of minced ginger make flavorful additions to this dressing too. For the sushi zu: Combine the sugar, vinegar and salt in a small saucepot. Ponzu sauce is traditionally made with Japanese citrus fruits such as yuzu, sudachi or kabosu, but these can be substituted with a blend of regular lemon and lime juice. Then, juice all 6 yuzu, adding 2 tablespoons to the zest. 60ml yuzu juice 60ml rice vinegar 125ml Japanese soy sauce 30ml mirin ½ cup dried bonita flakes 1 piece of kombu Optional: grate a bit of yuzu zest into the mixture as well. METHOD. Remove the rice from the cooker or saucepan to a large glass or wooden bowl with a wooden paddle. 9 /10 Put into fridge overnight or for up to a week for the ingredients to meld. (Leftover dressing keeps in the fridge for at least a week.) Slowly whisk in olive oil. ** Add miso, vinegar and sesame oil to the bowl. Drizzle some of the yuzu dressing over the rice and stir well, so the rice is lightly flavoured but not wet.