Start by trying a few of these eq and compressor settings and tweak them in to suit your specific starting drum sound and desired results. As you add input gain from this point, you will start to compress a -15dBFS signal. Thank you! In the next few weeks, I will release an X-Air version of the download that is tested with the XR18. Ratio: 1.5:1–2:1 What is curious, is that Behringer has put two makeup gain knobs on this compressor. This is where the dual Leisure Compressor is perfect as you can get two channels per FX Rack. The control number values do NOT equal the value in dB. Otherwise just the channel strip comps. The attack time is frequency dependent, but I have measured attack times ranging from 10ms to 30ms. I am used to using the 1176 or the LA-2A on vocals with the hardware versions, so I feel at home using these on the board. When you turn the attack to a higher value, you shorten the attack time. The compressor is still applied to the full frequency spectrum, but it is only activated by the frequency range set by the key filter. I do have a X-Air Library download available here: Thanks so much! The Behringer Ultimo Compressor is compressor/limiter effect that is built into the Behringer X32 & Midas M32 Effects Rack. anulo la señal original y que solo suene la del compresor? on linked stereo channels or buses), or Dual when you want to dial different settings for the left and right signal. To get the grit into your signal, setting the Attack and Release to the fastest setting of 7.0 will be the easiest way to get the sound in your bass guitar! Enjoy!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Adobe PDF Reader required. I would start with these settings as a good baseline: To view more of my Behringer X32 Effects Tutorials, click here: dBB Audio FX Series. Then hit home, then go to the configure tab. Bobby Owsinki talks about this trick a lot, and has coined it ‘The New York Compression Trick’. With ratio settings of 12:1, 20:1 and ALL button mode, the Ultimo would act as a limiter. This would be 0.02ms at an attack setting of 7.0. Hope back over to the effects screen to adjust it! Adobe PDF Reader required. Between 2 to 3:1 should be good to keep things under control. If yes, could you post some samples? Hi Salvador! The release on the original 1176 series had a release time from 50ms to 1.1 seconds. Bonus: Download Compression Sample Settings. Welcome to my Behringer X32 FX Series tutorials. Whilst the above settings help tell the Compressor what parts of the audio you’d like it to work with, the Ratio setting tells it how much compression you’d like it to apply. The Ultimo Compressor is offered in a Dual Mono and a Stereo configuration. This gain is POST compression and will have no effect to the compression or threshold. With a 4:1 Ratio, you can add up to +9dB from the input of the compressor to the output of the compressor by putting the Input Gain to +0. The original 1176’s would allow for multiple ratio buttons to be pressed at the same time to give some interesting compression ratios, the most commonly used multi-button mode was to press all of them in. The Behringer Ultimo Compressor is compressor/limiter effect that is built into the Behringer X32 & Midas M32 Effects Rack. When initially using this, I would set the Gain knob to 40, the Peak knob to 36 and the last Gain knob to 0.0. The Ultimo Compressor also can add a similar colouration to your signals, using this type of effect is really perfect for bass guitar! With -18dBFS being what I consider unity level on the console, the Peak Reduction would need to be set to 36 to have the threshold start compressing a unity level input. As mentioned earlier, a compressor reduces the level of the loudest moments. The 1176 was well known for having a crazy fast attack time of 20 microseconds (0.00002 seconds) at the fastest setting of 7. Right = Faster, Left = Slower. I FOUND THAT OVER THE YEARS, HAVING MY ROUTING WRITTEN DOWN NOT ONLY MADE MY JOB EASIER BUT IT MADE ME FASTER AT MY JOB!AS A THANK YOU FOR COMING TODAY, I WANT TO GIVE IT TO YOU! Yes you are correct you would run multiple instances if you wanted to have multiple vocal microphones with this compression inserted. Required fields are marked *. Turn to the left and the threshold raises, resulting in less compression. It is an emulation of the famous Urei 1176LN which was released in 1968. On the XR-18 hardware/x-air-edit (osX) specifically you can send all the vocal channels (post fader) to an FX bus, with the Stereo Leisure Comp loaded, which returns to the LR Using this on the drums subgroup is a perfect purpose for this! The best part of it is, the course … This is a bit more advanced and I haven’t really gone into this type of compression in any of my videos yet. Today we are going to be looking at the Ultimo Compressor. Low frequencies carry a lot more power than high frequencies. Using the same leisure compressor settings (used copy/paste from one rack to a second), when it's on the matrix the result is mild but on the bus it's way more noticeable. Hi Paul! Adding it at the END of your mix will change everything you’ve been working on. If the signal from the vocal hits -6dB, the compressor will ‘activate’ and push the signal down accordi… Typical settings may look like this: Threshold: –8dB. I have found that unity gain for the Out Gain sits at -21dB. Use a soft knee and set the attack as fast as possible. Jim. Great job. Then you can insert it with that screen. X32 compression questions. Tip #7 – Apply subtractive EQ before compression. When it is set to 0, that results in NO audio passing through the effect.