Supercell thunderstorms are sometimes referred to as low precipitation (LP) or high precipitation (HP). I work in the international transport sector in Europe. Prior to this, only hurricanes had damage figures in the billions. On this day 944 mm (37.2 in) of rain fell over the city, of which 700 mm (28 in) fell in just four hours. Such systems can generate hail — or even tornadoes. Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling admitted to setting up Drop Boxes and promoted Far-Left activists as Absentee Ballot counters, Mitochondrial changes key to health problems in Space, New Karahantepe settlement 'may be older than Göbeklitepe', Judge Steenhuis closes trap in MH17 trial - rules Dutch defence lawyers should be allowed to proceed convicting own client, Russian prosecutors intervene after newspaper kiosks found selling souvenir Hitler stamps in a city occupied by Nazis in WWII, Tens of thousands protest against new 'security' law in France, Carter Page sues DOJ, FBI, James Comey and others behind the Crossfire Hurricane FISA abuse, 'Criminal act': Ex-CIA chief urges Iran to wait on 'return of responsible US leaders' before reacting to nuclear scientist killing, Michigan analysis suggests absentee votes 'manipulated by computer', flags hundreds of thousands of ballots, 'Failing upward on steroids': Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is nominated for TIME's 'Person of the Year' leaving critics in uproar, 150 people arrested as police swarm on massive lockdown protest in London, Tiger attacks scores of people in Assam, India, Judge: Republicans will likely win Pennsylvania election lawsuit, Sinkhole causes crane collapse in midtown Toronto - 2nd for city in 4 days, Brutal police beating of maskless French man hints at frightening future for locked-down Europe, Pro tip from The Bee: Skip the Black Friday deals and hold out for the next peaceful protest, Hungary and Poland are right to put traditional values first and resist the EU's dictatorial plan to push trans rights, Fun fraud facts: Seven more unexplainable results showing Dems didn't even try to hide the cheat, Sydney Powell concludes hundreds of thousands of votes transferred from Trump to Biden in ALL battleground states, 'Cover up': Trump lawyers react after third circuit rejects PA lawsuit, Another hypocritical leader: After warnings to avoid travel, Denver Mayor Hancock flies to visit family for Thanksgiving, Trump says 'very hard to concede' if Electoral College votes for Biden, alleges 'massive fraud', Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert plans Thanksgiving 'funeral' for dead turkey in defiance of Colorado guidelines, Dragon flies, eagle crashes at geoeconomic summits, Up to 70 Tories may refuse to back Boris Johnson's Covid tiers, say MPs, Berlin is not responsible when US commits war crimes with drones taking off from Germany - court, Lukashenko says he will leave position when new constitution is adopted, 'Immediately terminated': Trump calls for abolishing Section 230 in late night tweet, Pentagon purges leading advisors from Defense Policy Board, Grifter Obama pushes ANOTHER book, takes racist swipes at Trump voters, United States European Command (USEUCOM) did take control of 'Vote Switching' Servers in Germany, Portland rioters cause thousands of dollars in damage on Thanksgiving, Colorado County refuses to enforce lockdowns as civil disobedience spreads across America, Los Angeles residents ordered to stay at home until Christmas week, with all gatherings banned... except for church & protests, Voter fraud: 'Historically strange' spike in incomplete Nevada voter files, casinos as 'home', Tulsi Gabbard: Trump must pardon Snowden and Assange for helping expose 'deep state' amid chorus against war on whistleblowers, Vermont governor instructs schools to interrogate students about family Thanksgiving gatherings, Lockdown wars come to Canada: Toronto BBQ owner dragged away in handcuffs for breaching Covid-19 rules, Twisted, agenda-driven trans trolls are hell-bent on shutting down debate - even if it means attacking fellow minorities, Ancient blanket made from turkey feathers, Barbegal water mills: Unique hydraulics of 'world's earliest known industrial plant' revealed, Californian cave artists may have used hallucinogens, John F. Kennedy and America's lost patriotic heritage, Pompeii dig reveals almost perfect remains of a 'master and his slave', Joe Wilson, ambassador who opposed the Iraq War, dead at 69, Adapt 2030: Underwater cities mean ancient historical timelines are incorrect, Iron Age man with first known case of TB in Britain was migrant from continental Europe, Egypt unveils ancient sarcophagi & statues found in Saqqara, Mass grave remains suggest epidemic raged in 19th century Japan, 30,000-year-old twin remains found in ancient grave in Austria, Submerged 6,000-year-old prehistoric settlement reveals Black Sea level was 5 meters lower, Worth The Price? "The ability to defend a house by members of the public or a fire agency is extremely limited, and often really quite dangerous even for the fire agency, if those destructive winds start to occur," Mr McCarthy said. 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