Overhead Mic EQ. Worship Sound Guy's Ultimate Compression Cheat Sheet. Balancing an Equalized Drum Mix. The basic 'all-open' sound is crisp, muscular and just what we've come to expect from Collector's snares. Mixing With Drum Compression. Advanced Technique - Bus & Parallel Compression for Drums . Perhaps you want a more crisp snare sound and more definition from the bass guitar. Presently I make decisions for compression and EQ on the kick and snare, and these vary from song to song. Module 7 - Quiz. Snare Bottom. Module 8 - Effects 2 Topics | 1 Quiz ... Snare Drum EQ. Tom Drum EQ. Low Cut: 50Hz; Peaking Filter: 100-150Hz / Q: 3 / +6dB (same frequency as snare top) Peaking Filter: 400-600Hz / Expand. Snare Drum Heads: Remo Ambassador ... Pros: Tons of attack as well as low end, extremely easy to EQ when mic’ed up. Lesson … On snare, I like to boost whatever low-midrange frequency I can get away with to give heft without interfering with everything else; on kick, I like to emphasize the click of the kick—the 2–4 kHz region that gives it some snap—and perhaps boost the low end. Using Gates On Drums. Cons: The Emad’s plastic ring that holds the external dampening ALWAYS cracks and ends up rattling, and eventually you’ll either need to tape the dampening ring on, or replace the drum head completely. Module 10 - Mixing Instruments 6 Topics . In practice, the Acoustic EQ snare lives up to its promise. 21:41 – Drum Tuning/Snare Tuning 27:30 – Sleigh bells on Hi Hat stand 28:40 – Truth Custom Drums 29:45 – #worshipdrummer Fails 32:10 – Ableton + Spontaneous Worship 34:48 – Ableton Rig Rundown 36:45 – Balancing Marriage and Ministry 38:45 – In-ear mix 40:00 – Fostering community among musicians at Bethel 41:30 – Drum Samples Bringing the vents into play makes a discernible difference to the tonality. Low Cut: 50Hz; Peaking Filter: 100-150Hz / Q: 3 / +6dB (to feel the snare in your chest) Peaking Filter: 400-600Hz / Q: 1.5 / -9dB (to remove boxiness) Peaking Filter: 5-8kHz / Q: 3 / +3dB (to hear more of the attack) Bonus: Download the Drum EQ Cheat Sheet. Snare Top. Drum Compression Overview. The solution to all of this can be found in how you EQ each instrument. Below, you will find an EQ cheat sheet which will show you where to go and what to do to achieve your desired sound for each instrument.