They have strong, sharp beaks and a long tongue. ... Gila Woodpecker. It gets hot here, and my power bills got out of hand. Woodpecker Control in Phoenix and Arizona Arizona Woodpeckers can cause damage and make a lot of holes in the walls of your home or business. This woodpecker has a body length of about 9 inches and a wingspan of 16 inches. This is a journal of my various efforts to bring this problem under control using the cheapest technology I could find. I don't really hate woodpeckers, but it gets real close. Explore southeast Arizona on FREE field trips . Their most usual nest hole in the Sonoran Desert is excavated into the main trunk or a side branch of the Saguaro Cactus. All male Arizona Woodpeckers below, the female never put in an appearance while I photographing. Males have a red “mustache” Diet: Ants and other wood-boring insects, some berries. Smallest of the three common woodpeckers in the Sonoran Desert. After a hole is made the cactus forms a tough callous thereby creating a … Foraging quietly at mid-levels in the oaks, it is often easy to overlook. I live in the Arizona Desert, Southwestern USA. 5. Its body is brownish gray and its back and wings have black and white bars. There is safety in numbers, and these gregarious birds will often travel in a large group called a covey. A brown-backed woodpecker of oak woodland, living in mountains near the Mexican border, mainly in southeastern Arizona. Size: 16-19 inches (the largest North American woodpecker) Identifying markings: Mainly black with a red crest, black and white stripped face, white stripe down the neck, and white wing linings. Habitat: Desert scrub Threats: Habitat loss and invasive bird species (European Starling) Note: Unlike most types of woodpeckers, the Gila Woodpecker does not nest in dead trees; instead, this desert-dwelling species prefers to raise its young in cavities within living Saguaro cacti. 24 Nov. 2013.It may be checking for seeds within the dry fruit of a Buck-horn Cholla.. Woodpecker Damage Management in Low Desert Gardens. These adaptable woodpeckers can nest in urban trees such as fan palms and chinaberry. ... scurrying across the road or poking around in the desert scrub. It truly was a good day for photographing the Arizona Woodpecker. DESCRIPTION: Woodpeckers drill into trees, giant cacti, wood surfaces and other materials to find food and to build nests in the cavities they create. Female. Observed along the Go John Trail at Cave Creek Recreation Area, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. Habitat: Mature forests with large trees. The Gila Woodpecker (Melanerpes uropygialis) is a conspicuous resident of the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona and Mexico. Much of its behavior is like that of the Hairy Woodpecker, but it is quieter, often forages lower in the trees, and does not dig as deeply into dead wood for insects. Gila Woodpecker is the woodpecker commonly seen in Tucson suburbs and parks. Woodpecker index The Gila woodpecker, a favorite among birders in the Sonoran Desert section of Arizona, edges into the Mojave only along the Colorado River near Needles, though there are reliable sightings just outside the Mojave at Corn Springs, and a lot of sightings have been reported throughout Imperial County. Gardening & Landscaping in the Low Desert.