Try it 3 or 4 times ... or more if you have the persistence. This will bypass the normal boot process and leads you to the advanced boot options instead. i first change the boot priority in bios to my dvd drive. "xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X server. Other options are not possible. Am I supposed to be booting from my Image Server? was able to burn one on another pc. . Nothing happens after pressing F8 or Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Choose the most recent date when your PC worked as expected. If it isn't, change the value by double-clicking Shell and typing "explorer.exe" in the Value data input field. Press and hold down the "F8" button as you boot up your PC and before the Windows logo is displayed. How to fix BSOD on an ACER laptop without anything on screen? Create a New Task by clicking File and New Task (Run). What does that mean?. Start with the first one and only proceed to the next if it doesn't work. This tool will look for corrupted system files and repair them accordingly. I can't check anything else since I don't have any access to the laptop (nothing on the screen, no sound/beep). CMOS battery is OK.. How can I fix a BSOD when it's caused by a program, a game? - Reseat the battery . ), Limited Time:   Get 70% off ethical hacking, security, programming courses, more (Only 1 Day Left), Limited Time:   The Best Black Friday 2020 Security, IT, VPN, & Antivirus Deals (Only 1 Day Left), it just goes through the loading and keeps beeping until i let go of the key. I have a Dell computer that uses windows 7. and I had restored it to an earlier date but was interrupted in the middle of the restore. it just beeps like an error sound. The system will now load the files necessary to boot into Safe Mode. . Currently work as a database administrator for the government. it just goes through the loading and keeps beeping until i let go of the key. memtest86+ will begin running automatically: You need do nothing else at this time. So what should I do because it stop me from system restore? Click the Start button and search for Programs and Features by typing "programs and features" in the Windows search box. i would try that with the built-in windows version and it would get hung up at 99%. If everything discussed in this article doesn't work or apply, have your system checked out by a service technician. I think it was caused by: A virus can be the cause of the problem. press ctr+alt+del to restart . If there are updates with the code name KB2607712, KB976098 and KB915597 and they were installed immediately prior to the occurrence of the "black screen of death", uninstall them by right-clicking on the update name and clicking "uninstall". but thats just speculation. Click the "Start" button and search for Programs and Features by typing "programs and features" in the Windows search box. When I log in, there is a black screen with only the mouse pointer. sometimes with a cursor but more so without. [Edit - to describe the issue in more detail, the PC appears to boot correctly, but instead of the logon screen, I have been getting a black screen WITH the pointer cursor, and it responds correctly to the mouse. Recalling the activities or events that had occurred prior to the emergence of BSOD could be essential in diagnosing the problem and in helping identify the ideal solution. Cannot resolve IP Address in DNS Server is this something you can help me with? I have tried: tried everything given under safe mode. I have tried to find that given series but I am unable to find that. I have tried: I tried pressing F8 while starting the system. -Safe mode with Networking . Will turning off CPU virtualization make it work? a week ago i let the battery run out and when starting it up again, i noticed the windows logo page was in a version close to safe mode. Then proceed to test each stick of RAM separately to sort the good from the bad. Edited by AustrAlien, 20 May 2012 - 01:50 AM. The laptop still runs, proven by the heat and LED power indicator. Restart your computer. Right-click on the selected process and select "End Process". The solutions list provided in this section follows a pattern of ascending degree. This is not recommended for shared computers, Improve your Windows 10 PC with these Microsoft Store apps, Learn how to secure your data from hackers with this 10-course bundle, Get 70% off ethical hacking, security, programming courses, more, The Best Black Friday 2020 Security, IT, VPN, & Antivirus Deals, Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip),, sda1, sda2 etc. tried it 6 times. - AVAST updated 2-3 days earlier. any suggestions? You might need to switch the laptop screen out, or just use another monitor hooked up to the laptop to use it. Press the key to re-boot the computer, removing the memtest86+ CD. A list of installed updates will be displayed. A list of installed updates will be displayed. i now think that something might be wrong with my video card? I have tried to find that given series but I am unable to find that. Follow the instructions in the update driver wizard. left it like that for a while and no change. Choose "System Restore" in the System Recovery Options window. Wait until the login screen appears. You currently have javascript disabled. It is recommended that you perform the solutions in their order of arrangement. First - I have gone through as many possible solutions I've found here and elsewhere. Hi I am not able to see anything on the screen. Click EDIT to write this answer. BSOD due to a game usually happens if your System or Video card is not supported entirely by the game or if your computer doesn't reach the minimum requirements to play the game. Press the "F8" button on your keyboard upon booting up your PC. Go to the Processes tab and find "explorer.exe". A Startup repair will reinstall essential system … I think it was caused by: I really don't know it happened suddenly. Let's firstly have a look at the MBR (MasterBootRecord). i really need help on this because i seriously don't know what else to do. Create a New Task by clicking "File" and "New Task" (Run). Note: There is a small window of opportunity for this process to work so you may want to press the button repeatedly to ensure that you won't miss that opportunity. However, the laptop still runs because I could feel the heat and the blue-led (power indicator) was on.. Hmmm ... can't be sure the problem is with xPUD and not the computer itself, so let's try with another bootable CD and see if you can get this CD to load its Linux operating system. Currently I'm getting an error message on Black Screen saying Check DNS Server Settings. Even after pressing F8 or Ctrl+Alt+Delete, I am not getting anything. If for some reason you also can't access the Windows Safe Mode, you can perform the System Restore via the System Recovery Options. Upon successful installation, open the Malwarebytes software and perform a Full Scan of your PC. Choose the keyboard layout applicable to you. Click the search result. If I approach a light or something similar I can see the screen lightly. Restart your computer into the normal Windows mode (not Safe Mode). You can also run it (where "c" is the drive with Windows) as, Then, type "exit" and skip booting up from your Windows 7 DVD. also i have already tried creating a recovery disk. xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error. Open your web browser and download and install the free [. Locate the "Last Known Good Configuration" option and select it by pressing the Enter key. I've worked on this for 3 straight days? Its been happening from a long time and sometimes it used to work. after the default option, it runs a bunch of files and the display switches off like it was loading another screen. I think it was caused by: Stuck after choose restore point because can't check disk for error due to "window can't check the disk while it's in use". please help me to rectify the problem. Because there are many possible causes and different variations of the "black screen of death", there are also a lot of possible solutions. Choose the keyboard layout applicable to you. yet i wanted to make sure everything was okay first with AustrAlien's directions so after downloading xPUD and burning it onto a cd, i go to boot it from the ailing laptop but instead of getting the regular menu, after the language select there is a automatic command prompt screen mentioning after running about no devices and screens detected/found. I try the above method. Click the "Repair your computer" option in the Advanced Boot Options screen. Page 1 of 4 - black screen w/ no cursor, no f8 option - posted in Windows 7: hello. Performing a Startup Repair: Reboot your computer. Click the first search result. The 1st option didn't work. Restart your computer into the normal Windows mode (not Safe Mode). This section is not written yet. Click the WinLogon key. Edited by Michael J., Robbi, Lynn, Eng and 47 others, BSOD, the infamous Windows error abbreviation, does not exclusively stand for "Blue Screen of Death". Click on the folder that represents your USB drive (sdb1 ?). I have tried: I tried some solutions from your page, like working with Task Manager.