Some of the paths are set in white shell and the carefully trimmed hedges create interesting visual textures. The tree is believed to date all the way back to 1545 and is the largest in the Carolinas of its kind. Nestled near the Season Garden is the Seaside Park Motel, a model house representing Airlie House before and after its renovation. North Carolina Beaches Wilmington Nc A tour of the gardens is 0.9 miles and combined with the 0.3 mile nature trail results in a 1.2 mile walk which lasts around an hour. The gardens were originally created in 1861. Visitors can get close to the butterflies and learn about their life cycles and habitat in a tactile environment. You are reading "4 Best Wilmington (NC) Beaches" Back to Top The serpentarium originated in 2001 under the care of herpetologist Dean Ripa who is still the director and owner to this day. It offers a historic downtown with a one-mile-long Riverwalk as a main tourist attraction. Within the Crocodiles Exhibit are 3 large and fully equipped interior habitats with 3 species of crocodile. If visitors decide to join a tour they can watch a 12 minute video introducing the property and then walk around the home hearing information, facts and the detailed history of Bellamy's, slaves, buildings and grounds from the knowledgable tour guide. Public Beaches In Wilmington Nc . Originally Airlie Gardens was included within a small part of a 640 acre plot of land granted from King George II in 1736 to the Ogden brothers. Wilmington and nearby Carolina, Kure and Wrightsville beaches await with gardens, shopping, museums, great restaurants and plenty to do for the entire family.. Day 1: Historic Wilmington. Airlie Gardens is full of attractions as well as groves of trees and gardens with flowers of historical interest. The gardens were renamed to Arlie and over the years even saw Minnie Evan,s a local artist as the gatekeeper in the 1940’s. The model is of particular interest of visitors who are interested in the history of the local area. The mansion hosts an event called Family Fun Day and Bellamy Mansion Museum Camp where children can learn about architecture and history as well as take part in games and activities. At any time, there are around 150 animals which are displayed. The animals in the main exhibits are giant crocodiles, giant constrictors, exotic lizards and dragons and dangerous and rare venomous snakes. Carolina Beach boasts a laid-back vibe and is often considered by many to be one of the most good-time, down-to-earth beaches along the Atlantic Coast. During live feeds Chomp showcases his tongue and powerful jaw action as he seizes the food. The beach is also the site of the Carolina Beach Music Festival, the only music festival at the beach and the largest in the state of North Carolina. Just some of the flowers on display are snowdrops, lilies and magnolia trees dating back 150 years. Beaches Near Wilmington Nc . The beach is home to the old the Atlantic Coast’s oldest fishing pier, seaside surroundings, a historic fort, a state aquarium, and an oceanfront park. The Carriage House which was renovated to be in keeping with the mansion is now known as the Visitor Center. Things to do near me today, beaches with kids, romantic parks, unique places to visit in USA, hotels, tourist attractions: Sarasota, From Boston, OR, NC, From Houston, NJ, GA, Things to do near me today, beaches with kids, romantic parks, unique places to visit in USA, hotels, tourist attractions: Sarasota, From Boston, OR, NC, From Houston, NJ, GA. Masonboro Island near Wilmington, North Carolina is accessible only by boat. A whole host of downloadable lesson plans, crafts and educational resources are downloadable from the website too. The habitats contain rocky landscapes, plant life and water for the crocodiles to swim and rest in. Use this page as guide to discover the best beaches to visit in FL. A popular attraction which is the focal point of many events and visits is the ancient Airlie Oak. There are also several surf shops and beach boutiques in the walkable town, as well as a number of places to eat. Back to: Fun Things to Do in Wilmington, North Carolina, 503 I St, Wilmington, NC 28401, Phone: 910-251-3700, Attraction Spotlight: Cape Fear Serpentarium. Visitors will also find mambas, rattlesnakes, vipers and others. Beaches North Of Wilmington Nc . The Slave Quarters were originally built in 1860 to house the slave workers of Bellamy Mansion. Visitors can use land between dunes, open tidal flats, and beach areas as long as the habitat isn’t altered. Hours/availability may have changed. Dr. Bellamy the original owner of the house decided on hiring James F. Post to undertake the architecture of the mansion and he in turn employed an assistant, Rufus Bunnell. The boardwalk at Carolina Beach is nationally recognized and is a great spot for some old-fashioned fun by the sea, but with a bit of a fresh twist. View a map of Nude Beaches and Clothing Optional Beaches locations near Wilmington, North Carolina. Inside, some of the animals which the visitors can see are the giant saltwater crocodile named Bubble Boy and a deadly nile crocodile, a breed which is infamous for eating people across Africa, South East Asia and the U.S. Also in this section is the siamese crocodile. He also bred a hybrid bushmaster which brought to life an extinct species after millions of years. The 22 room mansion has been lived in by several generations of the Bellamy family and has seen 150 years of historical and social change over the years. Wilmington’s Historic Homes offers ticket combinations including entry to Bellamy Mansion Museum as well as other historic homes and local attractions. Further attractions are the Mystery Grave where “John Hill” allegedly the marshal of Napoleon is buried and the Lebanon Chapel which dates back to 1835 and is still used on occasion by St. James Episcopal Church in Downtown Wilmington.