Both of these draw heavily from long citations of Itard's documentation of Victor's case. When the Wild Boy of Aveyron came out … Physician, Jean Itard, "adopted" the boy for 5 years to discover what Victor could and couldn't learn. Broca termed the deficit aphémie, or aphimia, the loss of articulated speech. Itard recommended that "the forbidden experiment" be stopped. Rohit Amalan on March 14, 2017: I believe Victor would have gotten alright had Itard not lost his hope. The boy was given the name Victor and is often referred to as the Wild Boy of Aveyron. Comments. This is why it was called the forbidden experiment. Victor de l'Aveyron: Dernier enfant sauvage, premier enfant fou, revised … Furthermore, Victor lived and thrived as a primitive human would have while Genie's … "the forbidden experiment," because he was stripped of culture and society; this is something that society would not intentionally do. New York City, NY: Kodansha International. The following summary of Victor's story is largely taken from these two works. Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on April 26, 2013: Language deprivation experiments have been claimed to have been attempted at least four times through history, isolating infants from the normal use of spoken or signed language in an attempt to discover the fundamental character of human nature or the origin of language.The truth about these claims is highly doubtful, accounts being usually based on only one questionable source. When hearing of the capture, a minister of state with scientific interests, believing that this event would throw some light on the science of the mind, ordered that the child be brought to Paris. wanda on July 27, 2013: Very informative, thank you! Society looked down upon the fact that Victor wasthe way he was. This is why, throughout the hospital, he is known only by the name Tan. 3. They also looked down upon Itar for studying him. Victor was a French feral child who was found in 1800 after apparently spending the majority of his childhood alone in the woods. Itard and his study of Victor was looked down upon. Forbidden Experiment: The Story of the Wild Boy ofAveyron (1994). Scientists’ thoughts returned to Victor and Itard in 1970, when a radically isolated girl was discovered in Los Angeles. However this “forbidden experiment”, as coined by the 19th century physician Jean Itard, would reflect the ethical questions concerning his mentoring of the wild boy Victor found in a forest in southern France. Victor de l'Aveyron, the wild child found in France in 1800, was named after the play's main character. The case studies of Victor and Genie, separated by 200 hundred years, are not even an appropriate sample size to study the population of those afflicted by isolation. Today, it is known as Broca’s aphasia. The forbidden experiment: the story of the wild boy of Aveyron. Both Genie and Victor are examples of extreme asynchronus nurture. Victor was the only other case they knew of like Genie. Play about a fictitious wild child that was put on in theaters in Paris in 1800. 2. The Forest's Child. Victor was the first known wild child.