Why Community Building is Important for Students. What Is Community, and Why Is It Important? From boosting their confidence to making them learn the importance of team work and socialisation, schools do it all. This is why it is important for families and schools to work together in partnership. At the same time, schools need to recognise the primary role of the family in education. Riché C. Zamor, Executive Director, Professional Services Division Schools that succeed in engaging families from very diverse backgrounds share three key practices. They: Focus on building trusting, collaborative relationships among teachers, families, and community members; Recognize, respect, and address families' needs, as well as class and cultural differences Each CLC is different, based on the needs of the community in which the school is located. The levy passed, and the Community Learning Centers (CLCs) began. In community schools, engagement precedes achievement—and intensifies it—in classrooms and community-based learning opportunities. Building Community Through Predictability Predictability is another important part of building an environment of trust and safety. Establishing predictable routines helps children know what to expect and helps them feel confident and capable in the group. In 2005, the Center asked several people whose work involves community building this simple question, and got some not-so-simple answers. Secondly, engaging teachers in curriculum work that links student service activities in the classroom with projects in the community appears to be crucially important. To garner community support, they proposed that the renovated schools would serve as centers of the community, remaining open on nights and weekends to provide services. Most important, developing a support base in the community provides a strong foundation upon which to build lasting community-based learning experiences. Relationships with caring adults help young people build networks of support, develop important social skills, and expand their horizons. Research demonstrates that effective schools have high levels of parental and community involvement. Keep a … Schools, being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child's life. Student-teacher relationships are critically important, yet they receive far less attention than academic performance indicators. Away from home, schools become the place for children to spend their maximum time.