Please enable JavaScript if you would like to watch videos on this site. He then frees Lily from her bonds. Meanwhile, back at the river, White Fang managed to save himself. She praised the animals' performances, but criticized the human actors. He finds a wolf, and thinking it's White Fang, calls to him, only to nearly be mauled by what turns out to be another wolf. He also opined that the movie gets better when the animals are on the screen. The same day, White Fang spots Lily's village, and when Lily sees him, she calls her uncle to show him that it was the wolf she'd seen by the river the day she found Henry. White Fang, hiding in the forest, spots the wolf pack again, and a female wolf decides to come over and play with him. They decide to steal some dynamite to clear the path, but along the way Henry spots the Reverend. She rescues Henry from and brings him back to her home. Top 10 worst (not ranked) – Betsy Pickle, This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 03:11. [3], Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars, stating: "What's best about the film is a kind of fresh-air exuberance, an innocence. The explosion clears the path and frees the caribou. She says "she chooses" him and they embrace while White Fang's mate emerges from the trees and joins him. Henry, now romantically interested in Lily, asks Peter how he can impress her. "[7], Rita Kempley of The Washington Post didn't like the film. That night, as he is with the tribe, Henry hears White Fang howling. The next day, Henry decides to go back to the village, and gives Lily a white shawl as a gift. She shows him how to accurately use the bow. Peter tells him to lean his head on her shoulder and whisper in her ear, then reveals he was joking, and that if he tried that, she would probably break his nose. It is a sequel to the 1991 White Fang. The two immediately form a bond, but enter trouble when washed up on shore while sailing to bring their gold into town. Continuing story of the brave and spirited half-dog, half-wolf and his master, as they face danger from a ruthless gang of gold miners. The Reverend runs toward the wagon but is shocked to find a stampede of caribou barreling toward him. White Fang lunges at Reverend Drury, sending them both tumbling down the cliffside. While Jack Conroy (Ethan Hawke) was in San Francisco, White Fang was living and banding together with his master's friend, Henry Casey (Scott Bairstow). When the time comes, Henry, White Fang and Peter go into the forest. "[6] The Movie Scene also gave the film three out of five stars, stating that White Fang 2 is not a bad film, but it is inferior to its predecessor and that the movie is pleasant for the young audiences, but is not a great entertainment for adult people. Reverend Drury climbs back up to the path to see his gold loaded wagon crashing down the cliffside. Meanwhile, a local Native American chief, Moses Joseph, has a dream about White Fang and his niece Lily. As Henry prepares to leave, the village thanks him for saving them from starvation. When he calls for whoever is there to reveal themselves, the mystery archer is revealed to be Lily. They find Moses and Katrin, who are grateful Lily is safe, but are also heartbroken at the loss of Peter. When Lily's aunt asks her husband what will happen next, he says that one of the men will not come back. Directed by Ken Olin. Henry and Peter find the bodies of the previous hunters who never returned. Henry finds another airshaft and hoists himself up to get out but Lily is captured by Leland's men. White Fang was left at the river, but he got out of the waters and onto land. "The animal actors are superb - you really think White Fang is a goner in a couple of instances - but the humans have basically reached the level of their own incompetence. He tasks Henry to find the caribou and runs to distract a gunman on horseback. Henry calls White Fang to go to the village with him, but White Fang hesitates because of his female wolf companion. The pair must rely on their sharp, cunning instincts for survival when they risk it all to protect a peaceful Native American tribe whose homeland is targeted by the dangerous miners. Some time later, Lily gives Henry back his gold which she had found in the remains of his boat, stating Henry can leave now despite his wanting to stay with her. His first shot misses, but surprisingly another arrow hits the target perfectly. His incredible journey begins when he meets a veteran gold miner (Klaus Maria Brandauer), who guides young Jack to his father's claim. Uh, oh! "[4], Lois Alter Mark of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B rating, concluding that White Fang 2 would be a better film if the filmmakers gave the "four-legged hero" more screen time. Rated: PG She runs to find the source, and sees White Fang, but White Fang suddenly disappears, and Henry appears in his place, leading Lily to believe that the wolf had changed into Henry. After Henry is almost wounded by a trap, Peter goes to examine the body of one of the hunters, and is suddenly shot at.