Excellent for mulching and moisture retention too! For decades since, we have used the manure from our laying hens as a crop fertilizer on our farm. Q: I am looking for a place where I can get chicken manure by the truck load. Chicken manure in its raw form can be fatal to plants, burning them, and eventually killing them. However, when chicken manure has been properly handled and composted, it is one of the most effective was to make plants thrive. In 1989, we began composting as an alternative to handling and storing raw hen manure. $70.31 $ 70. Chicken Manure- Purchase. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. Chicken Manure- Purchase. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Consistent yearly applications can provide your crops with a steady and constant source of the three major nutrients, but there is much more to litter than N, P and K. All of us that have been involved in farming know that the fields closest to the barn lot or hog pens that dad and grandpa spread manure on year after year were the most productive. Espoma 839291COMBO n/aa GM25 Organic 3-2-3 Chicken Manure, 25 lb-2 Pack, Brown/A. At Norcal AG we sell truckloads of premium chicken manure, carefully handled to make your plants thrive. A: Billy Skaggs, county Extension agent in Hall county, says there are farms there where someone could pick up either dairy manure or composted broiler litter. Sup’R Green Organic Chicken Manure goes through a 3-6 month composting process and it will not burn, but does have a fairly strong odor. Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). 31. Ground and composted, Organic Chicken Manure Fertilizer provides a well balanced supply of fertilizer to plants. Today, we continue our goal to be sustainable with the production of compost and fertilizer from our egg farms.