Most international schools say that personality and a positive, can-do attitude is as important as teaching experience and qualifications. Teacher Horizons aims to reduce the stress of the application process by creating one application for all jobs whilst also ensuring that all the necessary information is in one place. From Brazil to Indonesia; the night-time teacher overcoming obstacles of the pandemic. Your CV should be current, easy to read and absolutely accurate – in spellings, grammar and in the information you provide. Ask your family and friends about your decision. If you are considering international school jobs for the 2016-2017 academic year, register with TIC now – most of these jobs are advertised between January and March with many interviews happening from February onwards. 3. Our Teaching Job Board has new jobs posted daily, all over the world. It will only take them 5 minutes to use our system. Work with a specialised recruitment agency (such as TIC) that will be able to recommend you as a good candidate and will give you expert support. Have your 3 professional references completed – use a supervisor only (Head of School ideally) – make sure you chase your referees to complete your reference. Natalie is a teacher from New Zealand. Whilst you will need to be flexible in order to secure a good job, it is important that you don’t compromise in accepting a country you are unsure about. Use our school profiles and country specific information to start with. “Do it, live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow!”. Teach English abroad with leading … 5705243. Looking for a job teaching abroad? Have everything in place before you apply to any job vacancies. Amy is one of our recruitment consultants she has great experience of recruitment selection methods and strategies and since joining TIC has attended international conferences and placed many teachers overseas. Put together an electronic portfolio featuring a selection of the learning-focused displays, activities and experiences that you have created and led in your current position and share it along with your application. Many fantastic teachers end up concluding that they are not able to secure an international school job. Your choice of continent / countries / cities that you would consider is critical. Try to narrow down the kind of school and area of the world you want to work in. There are fewer jobs but also fewer teachers. It is all a learning experience! However, there are a number of accrediting bodies that are fantastic:  eg CIS (the Council of International Schools), NEASC, COBIS and WASC and the International Baccalaureate. It is an important decision and heads will respect this. Be yourself and don’t exaggerate or invent things – you will be found out eventually. Published on 14th January, 2016 by Amy Bardsley. Never-the-less, the number of applications for international school jobs can be high, particularly in desirable locations such as Europe and South America so you need to make sure you make the most of your talent and promote yourself. For further information, read our guide to the accrediting and membership bodies of international schools. Whereas English teachers, history teachers or elementary teachers—there is a fairly ample supply. Once you have understood the different accreditations and membership bodies, they then often have different levels of schools within them. So there are a huge number of opportunities overseas for you. It’s done earlier overseas than here. Remember that there are some wonderful destinations such as Oman that may not be instantly on your radar as potential gems to live in – our travel guide will develop over time and make you aware of these countries and cities. Since they are not controlled by the U.S. government nor do they operate under any official administrative jurisdictional umbrella, they hire teachers and staff directly, establishing their own qualification standards and application … There are now 3,226 schools overseas following the National Curriculum of England, an additional 500 following a British style of education, and another 4,400 international schools where learning is delivered in the language of English – and they are located all over the world. Don’t limit your job hunting to one specific location only. Don’t be just another job application arriving into a Headteacher’s inbox. So let your personality and attributes come across in your communication and during your interview – remembering to keep it professional at all times of course! Search and apply for teaching jobs. The platform allows for easy searches and you can apply directly through ISS-Schrole Advantage. Why are international school visits so important? Looking for a job teaching abroad? After working in a... Read more... TIC are associate members of the following organisations, © 2020 Teachers International Consultancy Website credits Pick the schools you want to work with, do your homework on each school, explain in your cover letter what it is about the school that makes you want to work with them. Make efforts to stand out from the masses. All of these schools are looking for experienced, qualified teachers whose native language is English. In most secondary schools, international teachers are expected to have a degree in their subject and display a strong command of their subject whilst being able to engage with students of all abilities as they are rarely selective by academic ability. Ensure you have done the following with your full teacher profile: We wish you the best of luck and remember, if you don’t get your perfect position now there is always another chance in the future!