Here's a pretty good overview if you find yourself home while someone is breaking into your house. About 34% of burglaries occur through the front door of the home. You can also use reasonable force to protect others as well as making a citizen’s arrest and stopping criminals from breaking the law. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. In 28% of burglaries someone is thought to be home when a burglary happens, this can be an extremely traumatic experience and you might not know what to do. He later had his sentence reduced to five years for manslaughter. If a break in has been attempted but you do not feel in immediate danger and it is not an emergency then we suggest calling 101 which will send you through to the non-emergency Police line. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Clearly visible valuables can be a cause of why opportunistic burglars might target your home as most will want to be in and out and grab as much as possible, so if they know what already might be on offer they are more likely to target that house. The obvious first reaction to seeing someone in your house that shouldn't be there is to phone the police. A burglar may still be in the home and could be dangerous. There are a number of things that thankfully could have prevented a burglar from entering your home; however this doesn’t mean that they won’t try again. 28% of people will get burgled for a second time at the same address, so it is important that your house is secure. But if a crime is taking place inside your home, you don't even need to wait to be attacked before defending yourself. To find out how to secure all the different aspects of your home head over to our Ultimate Home Security Guide. Grab your mobile phone if you can and get somewhere safe, the best place to be is somewhere you can either lock the door or barricade yourself in. In New York state you do not have to retreat from your home. Safety is the top concern following a break-in. To File a Claim With Your Insurer or Not to File . Call 911 immediately. Meghan Jones Updated: Jan. 06, 2020. Remove your shoes if they're loud. The pensioner, who has since received death threats, allegedly stabbed one of the burglars with a screwdriver in a desperate bid to protect his home. Q85: What lengths can I go to, to protect myself and my home if an intruder breaks in? In many cases, all it takes to keep a burglar out is a locked door. ... Dudley teen Blessing Chitapa set to wow judges in final of The Voice UK. If you do it to injure them for having broken into your house then it is a crime. The dispatcher will ask what your emergency is. Don’t shout or scream, keep your voice as normal as possible. Trusted Trader Company! The news good news is you can are legally able to defend yourself pre-emptively - using "reasonable force". It is important that you don’t touch or move anything, as the police forensic team will need to look for fingerprints or footprints. But, according to UK legislation, a person can protect themselves during a … 5 Things to do whilst on Lockdown: Security Edition. Simple things such as motion flood lights, thorny bushes and anti-climb paint are all blockers that you can implement to secure your home. Don't breathe heavily or scream, and try not to use the stairs as they can be loud. First things first you need to call the police, if you are sure the burglar is out of the house then call 101, but if you are in doubt then call 999 from a safe place. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest in security tips and advice! A knock at the door can be exciting for children, running up to see who it is and want they might want, but this can be partially dangerous if they were to accidentally let in a stranger. But some burglars are a … Leaving valuable items in plain view is also what can attract a burglar to your home. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, is being quizzed by cops after the incident at a Hither Green home, Tony Martin killed one man and injured another in a home invasion in 1999, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). It should be the last resort to confront a burglar as this can invoke a violent reaction. The general rule of lawful self-defence is that the more extreme the situation the more force you could reasonably use. But, according to UK legislation, a person can protect themselves during a home invasion, including being allowed to use an object as a weapon. What it means to be a Which? It will be difficult but try to be calm and explain what is happening in short and concise words. If you shot your son by mistake you might have a problem. A CRIMINAL breaking into your home in the dead of night is most people's worst nightmare. It is very unlikely that you will be confronted by an intruder in your own home, but should this happen, you can use 'reasonable force' to protect yourself, your family or your property. I’m also checking to see if you have a burglar alarm. And if you have to begin anywhere, start by taking a deep breath. Don’t make any sudden movements or move towards the burglar, hold your hands up and be compliant; tell them that you are cooperating and they can take whatever they want, nothing you own is worth your life. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? View our online Press Pack. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. If an intruder dies the CPS says:  “If you have acted in reasonable self defence, as described above, and the intruder dies, you will still have acted lawfully", reports Hull Live. You can shoot and kill a burglar unless the gun is illegal for some reason. This may be because you have areas around your home they could use to hide and remain unseen; such as overgrown bushes and trees or houses with no external lighting, or your home may be seen as to hold lower security so they believe they could easily gain access. Martin shot Barras with his unlicensed shotgun in 1999, and was jailed for life. I’m going to check if the front or back door is unlocked. Before a Break In Occurs: 1. Check your policy to determine what is covered and what isn’t. 3. A CRIMINAL breaking into your home in the dead of night is most people’s worst nightmare.