Quick question. I was able to make a beautiful page with this information without all the blogging junk! Could you help me in this ? !But thank you once again:)Have a nice day! When you create the page, the blog entries are hidden until you do the last step to point a Blogger Page at the blog URL. Tell you what - I'll try to post that tutorial next - hopefully in a few days. Presumably this has something to do with it being a mobile browser. Authors of BloggerTipsPro.com are not employed by Google Inc. Thanks! I had seen someone create a good looking website with Blogger and I was impressed. There's a lot of advice on how to make this customization on the old Blogger interface, and this is the only helpful article on this topic for the new Blogger. The screen shots helped a lot. !one question, How can i add Multiple Dynamic pages in my blog?And how to post on respective blogs? Now my blog looks better. When I click the blog tab nothing happens. hi i was having a problem to get my own to work also, but this helped thanks for providing this, I always wanted a static page, didn't know what it was called or how to do it. I used Chrome a couple of times and it seemed ok too (which I would assume Google would prefer too! The blog URL is nothing but SubDomain associated with BlogSpot.com domain like Example.blogspot.com Why Blogger Want To Rename Their Blog Name and Address Many novice create their blog on Blogger.com just for fun and named it without planning. Can't get easier than this. The redirect totally worked. Like your blog, BTW!- Don, Don,Just got your message. pls help me... Excellnt post! I have not tested that scenario yet. You could grab, for example, the last five posts from a FeedBurner feed with Javascript and show those last 5 posts. Thanks! I'm having trouble and I need your help. Thanks very much. When I enter the URL to redirect, he text Save link and the Save Changes button do not work. I wanted it for a long time,but you did it. Hi Mrs Williams!! you helping me so much. I have a problem. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The tab "Blog Posts" shows up, and when you hover over it it shows the address http://34w2013.blogspot.com.au/index.html - but nothing happens when I click. No redirect, no 'page not found' nothing.Any suggestions? The link for your About tab is definitely the Home page. Hi mourga,Unfortunately, there isn't a fix as far as I know for the mobile redirect right now. This article has by far the clearest instructions to build a static homepage in blogspot! I've tried twice, but had no luck. i used custom template. There are a number of comments below on the same problem. But how do I do the second part: I would like to put a button called "ENTER" on this Home Page. Thank you very much! HOW I've googled and tried to find out how to do this very thing, but found nothing. Thnx for the quick reply! Could this be causing problems. Your post is a big help. I think it needs to be changed to redirect me to the new static page address??? i want to show 10 or 15 posts on my blog, but i really dont knw, plz help me how i can increase numbers of posts on my homepage. They are amazing. Web address page for "My Blog" menu is not working. Don't copy in the full URL.The other thing I noticed was that you must press the small text 'Save' first. Also, do you know why blogger (or Google) changes my blog url from .com/ to .ie/, and is there any way to shop it doing this? I really like your blog layout and what you've done. That will remove the comments box.Hope that helps! NOTE: If you are logged into a Google account and you cannot see your Google profile image and name next to the 'Comment as:' in the comment editor, your 3rd party cookies are blocked and the comment won't post. I'm adding it to my list of Google Blogger blogs to check out in a future post. Then, do the switch I show in the tutorial to see how it works. Then, the button for 'Save Changes' is highlighted to save all redirects.Hope that helps you!- Don. Since a Blogger Page is like a single post you need to keep editing it. :) ...so i didn't quite get it. "Could it be because google changes http://smartsystemsnews.blogspot.com/p/homepage.html TOhttp://smartsystemsnews.blogspot.co.uk/p/homepage.html, Hi derm,Looks like the your blog entries main page is working correctly at smartsystemnews.blogspot.co.uk/index.html. Enter the page title and URL and click Save Link Save. Thank you so much for any guidance you can give! I desperately needs some help as I have been trying different things to get this to work for days but I haven't succeeded yet.blog URL: http://evolveplace.blogspot.co.uk/I can't post into the other menus apart from the home page no matter how hard I try. I will try and let you know if I succeed :). i was looking for this, Hello sir the tutorial is awesome....I have always wanted a thing like this....But it would be good if i could make the home page like a forumExample Image: https://ibb.co/d2BFvaExample Site: banglapdf.netCould you make a tutorial for this....Would be a much plasure if you do it. Hi... your instructions here (including screenshots) are simple, straight forward and very very clear. Thanks big guy! (like we do in wordpress adding ads only in single-posts only not on home page). If you can post a link to your blog either here or in your profile I can help you better.- Don James. I wanted to try it on my own. Some people have created a separate mobile blog that just has the home page and then redirects back to the original blog.I'll post more once I discover an answer.- Don. You're the first person to notice that disappearing column trick. Hi Jaymin,Yes, you have noticed that the static page does not work on the mobile template. Please help. Just be sure to create a New Page as a web address - use the URL of your main blogger page.Hope that helps!- Don.