Solution #2 was to grease the pole. I attached the PVC pipe to the bottom of the deck with a screw. The following post contains affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you I can make a tiny bit of money to help support this blog. $19.99 $ 19. Add Grease to Poles. Offering an Alternate Food Source – The Jury Is Still Out. You want to keep the bird feeder away from any launching place the squirrel can use. I did this with Crisco when I was young. In attempt to outsmart the squirrels, people have tried a variety of tactics. yosager Deck Bird Feeder Pole Bird Feeding Station Kit Porch Multi Hook Bird Feeder Hooks Hanging Kit for Deck Kit with Two Adjustable Branches, Attracting Wild Birds Bird Feeder Planter Hanger. I shared my $5 bird feeder pole way back in June so I thought it was time for an update and to answer some questions I’ve been getting. Cut to two weeks later and the other squirrels have built a stage around the pole and are throwing acorns and bird seed at this squirrel. Solution#2 was also a bust. I slid a hitch pin in the holes to stop the original pole from sliding down. The other reason why mixing cayenne pepper with birdseed isn’t a good idea is because it isn’t safe for the birds or the squirrels. The squirrel barrel baffle is about 14 1/4” tall. I’ve wanted a bird feeder for our back deck ever since we moved into the cottage so I could do some bird watching. At first it did, but they figured out how to leap on putting their little paws in between the slinky rings and scale that shepherd's hook anyway and hang on it, stretch it out, and eat away. The squirrels tried to climb it in the beginning but quickly figured out it was too high. If your bird feeder stands on a yard stake or pole, consider lubricating the pole with cooking oil or grease to make it nice and slippery. Sure, they would slide down the pole a little bit but they quickly figured out how to jump over to the feeder. Thank you! Really it’s just one question, and that is…”have you had any problems with squirrels?”. In theory, setting up a feeding area for the squirrels will keep them fed and deter them from ransacking your bird feeder. I’d advise not doing this for two reasons. Make the bird feeder pole out of PVC pipe . That was not going to do so we took another trip to the home improvement store and brought home a 1″ piece of PVC pipe. Mocking us. Use … You may need to reapply lubricant every few days. However, results vary. The deluxe design features many feeding areas to allow for the attraction of a wide range of wildlife to your backyard. Another common tactic is covering a bird feeder pole with grease. Sure, they would slide down the pole a little bit but they quickly figured out how to jump over to the feeder. While the squirrel may slide down the pole, unsuccessful at reaching the birdseed, it will probably be left with a sticky coat. How far is far enough? Next I slid the original 3/4″ EMT pipe into the new 1″ PVC pipe. That’s ok, it’s good for the quads. An effective way of keeping the squirrels away from your bird feeders is by installing a baffle or deflector. Now, I like squirrels and have nothing against them but they were eating all the bird seed faster than I could put it out. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I tried coconut oil and WD-40 but neither one worked. Join our e-mail list and get our DIY E-Book, FREE! When handling pepper, wear … Luckily for birds, they can’t taste it, but it can be harmful. Hang your bird feeders from a spinning hook, or seek out specialty squirrel-proof bird feeders like the Yankee Flipper that are designed to spin squirrels off. This year I found them laying across the rooftop of the bird feeder reaching down eating the cakes. Since this method can’t hurt anything, you can try it to see if it helps. These gadgets are mounted directly to the pole which first creates a barrier for the pesky pests. How to stop squirrels from climbing a bird feeder pole. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. While we discussed our options, standing at the dining room window, we’d watch the squirrels watch us, watching them. Cones and baffles fixed on to the string of a hanging feeder – plastic soft drink bottles, large domes and disks around the centre pole. Hopefully this is it for our squirrel issues. We figured out a good height for the feeder and the hubs drilled a hole through the original pole and the new pipe. To deal with a meddlesome squirrel stealing seed from his garden’s bird feeder, the wife of YouTube user Robert Krampf slathered Vaseline on the pole supporting the feeder. It has Not stopped the squirrels. This is what I do for squirrels and should work for chipmunks as well, if you have a place for the feeder where they cannot jump to it. The PVC pipe, typically made out of a hard plastic, prevents the squirrel from getting a strong grip and, like the Slinky, sends the squirrel tumbling back to the ground. I’m the voice behind Chatfield Court where I share the budget-friendly DIY projects, crafts and decorating tips in the hopes of inspiring others that they can do it too. Depending on your yard, this might be a little difficult. The squirrels were jumping from the deck railing right to the feeder so the idea was to raise the feeder higher to get it out of their reach. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They can also ingest the grease or petroleum jelly, which can make them sick. The good part of all of this, besides the fact that the squirrels leave it alone (and my quads are stronger), is that the feeder is easier to fill. It still comes with the built-in auger to help you screw it into the ground, and assembly is equally as comfortable. A good way to incorporate cayenne pepper safely is by including it in a suet mix. This bird feeder pole is also made by Ashman, but with this one, they’ve taken a more decorative and design-oriented approach than they did with the previous pole. I recently read that applying anything greasy on the bird feeder pole to keep the squirrels is not a good idea. Slinkys need not reapplying so why not give them a go? The hubs wasn’t interested in having one (he didn’t want to spend $$ on a feeder and food). The best squirrel proof bird feeder pole we have found after numerous comparisons is the is the Squirrel-Stopper Pole from Liberty Products. Ouch! There are squirrel proof feeders designed to keep bird seed safe. Should I Grease the Bird Feeder Pole or Hook? Bird feeding stations are an excellent way to hang or mount Feeders, or ready to hang food such as fat filled coconut shells giving you the opportunity to attract a greater number of birds to your garden. Most bird lovers hate squirrels. Clean bird feathers are essential for helping them stay warm and dry during the winter. This squirrel wanted to climb up the pole so it could eat seeds from the bird feeder. Some people use cayenne pepper in the seed; I've not tried it. People will use vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. Because I like to move things all the time, I use what can be temporary but is stable. If your bird feeder hangs from a tall metal pole in your yard, you can use grease to keep them from getting into the feeder and driving the birds away. I love having a bird feeder right by my dining room window so I had to come up with a solution. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. Are you attracting more squirrels? Recently, I was fighting off both determined critters when I hit on a solution: Grease the pole! Like glue, this can be very difficult for a squirrel to get off their coat. It took about a day for the squirrels to figure out how to get around it. Another way to get the benefits of cayenne pepper in a safe way is by using a commercial squirrel repellent. If the grease stopped the squirrels originally, then it probably needs to be reapplied. Vaseline or other grease on a smooth pole will also help. The weight-activated ones shut off access to feeding ports when a squirrel jumps on it. Oh, it took awhile for those sneaky little beasts to catch on but, once they did, there was no stopping them. Check out our Cargo Trailer Conversion on our YouTube channel – over 600K views! Create your own bird feeding station with a combination of our CJ Wildlife feeder poles. The first, and most obvious solution was to use a baffle. Filed under: Animals, Home, Projects & How to on August 22nd, 2011. lol I could swear there's a moment where it's looking at you while it's sliding down and thinking, "I hate you..." Oil put on bird feeder pole to keep squirrels out.