It's more accurate to say that the same nest site is used as the second and subsequent nest are built on top of the previous nest. there's no reason why it shouldn't be, but i wouldn't eat them from city pigeons. What do wood pigeons eat? Is it safe to eat pigeon eggs? Feeding Habits - What Pigeons Eat. Roasted simply with some kind of fruit glaze, they are delicious, like a more savory version of chicken thigh. One example, that is widely used, is fining people for leaving food waste in an area affected by pigeons, rather than being seen as food left for the birds to eat this is treated as litter and fines swiftly handed out. Wild pigeons eat a diet filled mainly with non-fiber items like grains and seeds. Do Pigeons Reuse the Same Nest. They particularly love crops like cabbages, peas, sprouts and grains. They also like to eat shoots, seeds and nuts. What do pigeons love to eat? New York City, alone, is thought to harbor as many as 7-million of them. Because pigeons do not have teeth, they require a supply of grit in order to digest their food. In Beijing where I am now, you can see here and there rooftop hutches where people raise pigeons for meat. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Here's a brief accounting of all the ferocious animals that eat urban pigeons: Red-Tailed and Cooper's Hawks: These stocky killers know that fat city pigeons have the juiciest meat. Unlike the city pigeon, a wood pigeon’s diet consists mostly of vegetables and leaves. Rock Pigeons feed on the ground. Pigeons (Rock Doves) adapt well to cities because they find there habitat similar to the cliffs where they live in the wild. T ... We feed city pigeons mostly 'mixed corn' as given to poultry: small grains, corn (maize) and - in some varieties - dried peas. I grew up in Indiana, where country dwellers routinely shoot and eat the wild relatives of city pigeons. If you’re looking to attract wood pigeons to your garden, grab some of their favourite seeds or nuts like our sunflower hearts for birds. In the UK that is about equivalent of between 7 and 8 dollars a 32 lb sack. The short answer: Inside other animals. Park pigeons eat bread, but domestic pigeons eat corn,maize,and beans. Pigeons are everywhere. Nest that are several years old can measure out to be as much as 7 inches high and 19 inches wide. Bread is one of the most common foods that people feed to pigeons, but the complex carbohydrates in bread offer no nutritional value and could even work to starve them. It has the benefit of being relatively inexpensive and nutritious. So, watch out emptying the crumbs of your pasty on the city streets for pigeons to hoover up. But where are all the dead pigeons?