A winning webinar title contributes a great deal to the success of the webinar. However, it is pointless putting so much effort into building an excellent webinar … Names with reference to topicality draw attention with words such as “new,” indication of the year, etc. But do you know what’s even cooler than finding the length of the hypotenuse? Once you know your goal, you can include the corresponding verb in the title. For example, if your viewers are mostly young singles, it makes no sense to appeal to “family,” “kids,” or anything of that sort. In order to capture an audience’s attention, especially in promotions, your presentation’s title needs to stand out. This is an alphabetical list of titles of speaking and training seminars and workshops I have recently provided for clients. 7 working principles,” “Managing a project team. Subconsciously, the webinar with the name “5 steps to context ads adjustment” seems to be more informative and structured than “Context ads adjustment,” though the content of both events can be identical. Here are 10 variants we have selected. To present the offer, first determine the goal of your webinar. E=mc2, the quadratic formula, the Pythagorean theorem — these are all formulas that work. Your webinar content could be amazing, but it doesn’t matter if your title doesn’t grab attention and drive action. If you want to learn more webinar tips and tricks – based real data from thousands of webinars – download The Big Book of Webinar Stats. By analyzing registration numbers and attendance rates we’ve discovered certain title formulas consistently work better than others. Webinar invitation emails are all about making it easy for people to say yes and see what the value is for them. This is why she will be more likely to visit the first webinar. If you’re stuck, we’ve put together a list of winning webinar title formulas. Does it mean to entertain, inform, teach? Mac McIntosh’s seminars, workshops, webinars and presentations. For this reason, allocating time to look at some great webinar title examples will not be a bad idea. Such names demonstrate to the user how relevant and new the information offered at the seminar will be. You just need to make sure your title is niche enough to attract the audience you want. It gives your audience a clear idea of what they can expect from your webinar. The examples we’ve seen so far all follow the tried-and-true webinar format: single speaker, how-to content. Examples: “Quick and easy solutions for marketing professionals in 2019,” “How to quickly master a foreign language,” “Learn the latest web design trends in just 30 minutes!”, Related Story How to Choose Webinar Topic. Sample Titles: seminars, workshops, webinars and presentations. I spent a few weeks asking around for recommendations and scouring the web for great webinar examples. The main thing is not to “overload” the name. Here’s a negative example: Join us for a content marketing webinar on 25th February 2019. Submit your email address to get updates right to your inbox! It is also so general that it doesn’t really communicate value. In order to create such a name, play with some famous phrase or saying, use metaphors or other literary devices familiar to you. The examples offered above will help to achieve this. Do not tell your viewers to “stop being lazy” – teach them to be more productive. Follow the action verb with the intended outcome of your webinar. The human mind is eager to find answers to the questions. Webinars nurture prospects through every stage of the buyer’s journey — and they’re incredibly efficient at doing so. In this blog, we’re going to run through the right ingredients you need for a desirable webinar title. It’s just a fact of life, so if you want to cast a wide nest, try to incorporate numbers into your webinar name. Thus, organizers get more chances to attract the attention of the audience. ; Photos of the speakers are clearly seen on the webinar landing page. And attendees know they’ll leave the webinar with practical tips and actionable takeaways. Too often they’re also a pretty dull affair you wouldn’t be able to put into a “best of”. Examples would be: “Spend more time with your family – earn money from home,” “Stop wasting time and learn to stay productive all day,” “No more excuses: learn how to travel on a limited budget.”. It is also so general that it doesn’t really communicate value. Examples: “10 proven ways to generate more leads in 2019,” “5 unexpected marketing techniques that yield results,” “7 ways to convince investors: tips from successful startuppers.”. Examples: “How to create a landing page in one night and have time to sleep?”, “Fears of changes — what to do?”. And “101″ conveys that beginners can attend your webinar and still understand the content. Examples: “10 facts about online shop’s success,” “7 secrets about profitable deals.”. Do your research to make sure that these titles resonate with your target audience. 101 titles may make your audience feel like they are registering for college classes again, but they also convey your webinar is full of valuable, useful information. Use words such as “quick” and “easy” to convince your potential participants that your webinar won’t be that hard. Don’t just focus on communicating the details here – instead, share what your prospects can expect to gain from your webinar. It’s a great way to create urgency and show that your brand is current and relevant. I’ve gone through two years worth of webinar invites to show you the 8 best examples of webinar registration pages and what they get right (or where they fail). Privacy Policy That is why it is better to invent several variants first and choose the best one afterward. 3. A carefully selected webinar name can increase the interest of the visitors to the webinar and influence the number of registrations. Mention takes a different route and stands out by hosting a roundtable. In conclusion, a brief name is perceived as easier than a long one. For example, a young mom would be much more interested in visiting the webinar called “10 ways to earn money while on maternity leave” than the one bearing the title “10 ways to earn money.” In the first case, she will definitely get the methods applicable when being on maternity leave, which is not sure to happen in the second case.