Webinars: presentation skills and confidence. This course, Presentation and Speaking Skills for Webinars, will provide you with an understanding of Presentation Skills. Read more on Presentations or related topics … By mastering these techniques and enhancing your webinar presentation skills, you’ll make yourself a more persuasive and effective leader. Keep your online listeners SUPER engaged when presenting on virtual platforms, even if you are camera shy. Jim Comer is an accomplished speechwriter and presentations … Corporate executives, team members, and company leaders who are most effective when speaking in public often spend many hours developing effective presentation skills including body language, breathing skills… You will learn about creating the program, choosing your delivery methods, verbal communication skills, and non--verbal communication skills. Description. Are you comfortable giving presentations and feel good about your performance, or does the experience make you anxious and leave you feeling dissatisfied? In this session, learn how to let your best self shine during interactions with your staff, the auditee, and the governing board. We offer a range of webinars on various topics related to remote working communications, building resilience and presenation skills. You can buy one webinar … One-hour interactive webinars from expert trainers on a range of topics. Good news – my online presentation skills training webinars can help! ... and his knack for transferring communications skills … Virtual Presentation Skills Webinar - Beginner to Advanced!