Take care not to simply sprinkle water on the foliage as this will evaporate away quickly and can also encourage disease. 2. The water isn’t getting through to your automatic watering system. 85. This is a costlier method but can help to put your mind at ease if you are worried about your plants running out of water, or you plant to be away for a longer period of time. With temperatures getting well into the 80’s here at home. If the connectors are leaking, this is often caused by too much water pressure coming from your house. The water doesn’t flow very far from the emitter so if there is a lot of space between the plants, the soil will probably not get wet enough to keep all of the plants looking healthy. Double potting smaller containers also … Then run it down through the chains of the basket to get to the plants. Use one of the straight across ends as opposed to the perpendicular end. Wash out an old wine bottle and fill with water up to the neck. You can buy ‘watering globes’ that work in the same way. Raindrip R560DP Automatic Watering Kit for Container and Hanging Baskets, Water up to 20 plants with this kit. 32. Other options New and used from $17.67. Also check that all of the plants seem to be getting watered. Having just spent all that time (and money) planting containers, the last thing I wanted was to come home to a bunch of brown, shriveled up plants…definitely not the oasis look I was going for! Make sure not to pull it too tight. your plants are far apart), I found that the plants at the end of the line got less water than the ones closer to the water source. You can even place the pot over the container and poke the wick up through the drainage hole – this reduces evaporation and helps to keep the soil at the base of the plant moist. Once the bottle is in place with the holes facing towards your plant, fill with water and pat the soil around the bottle to firm it in slightly. As most baths are white, the light reflecting from the bath should also help your plants in your absence. Backyard Shade Ideas: 10 Shade Solutions For a Cooler Deck or Patio, Keep Deer Out (7 Ways To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden For Good), Winter Window Boxes (How To Make Winter Planter Displays The Easy Way), Small Patio Decorating Ideas That Will Turn Your Deck Into An Outdoor Oasis, Shed Organization: 8 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas, Planting Containers: The No-Fail Method For Making Beautiful Containers, Your email address will not be published. If you wish to share our content, please click here to see our conditions. It can be tricky to know when to water hanging baskets because they are often out of convenient reach for a touch test and their requirements are very different. You’ll end up with a hose that goes in two different directions. Cut a length of cotton twine, plastic tubing or string, you can even just cut strips of cotton fabric about one inch wide. Use the Manual water dial on your water timer to start the water running right away. That way you can run the watering line in 2 directions which seems to help with the pressure. ), for window boxes, you will need one tee connector for every water emitter. If not, there is either a problem with the timer or something further up the line. But keeping them looking lush and beautiful during the heat of the summer has always been a problem, especially while I’m on vacation. Fill a jar, cup or bottle full of water and place next to your pot, positioning it out of direct sunlight, and elevated so that the mouth of the container is higher than the base of the plant. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. You can replace the lid if you want to slow down the water rate or leave it off if you are only going away for a short period. If you need more of the small hose than that, you’ll probably need to hook up more than one kit. Water plants thoroughly before you leave. Then you will need to measure where your hose will run to determine how much you will need. Just make sure to make the hose long enough that it won’t be buried when you fill up the planter. The water isn’t getting through to your automatic watering system. But many of them have a similar set up to this one. So my mother  and I are on a mission to help you do just that by sharing the DIY outdoor projects, plant suggestions and gardening tips we’ve learned through our combined 75+ years of experience. Similarly for window boxes, the hose will need to run up to the box (and potentially back down if you have other containers to water). You’ll need a splitter every time the hose changes direction, plus extras if your container has lots of plants in it. If you will be away longer, then ask a trusted individual to come in and give any dry pots a drink. To make things easier for them you could always set up one of the methods listed above, meaning your plant sitter only has to pop in once or twice to top up the homemade watering systems, rather than every day you are away. Make sure to insert the barbed pointy end into the hose. However, I found it works better to base the number of emitters on the number of plants you have in the container. If your state allows rainwater collection, then you can catch water from your air conditioner or rain runoff in a barrel. Make sure you offer to return the favour when they are going away! Use scissors to cut off the hose where you want it to split into the two different directions.