Since ''[[WarioWare: Twisted! User Info: fawkesfire. He also appears in 9 … In WarioWare: D.I.Y. The End. Referred to as Pop-Up microgames, they can be unlocked during "Dancing Team," (Answering Machine, Feed on Fronk, and Vicious Veggies) "Potluck Gang" (The Claw, Fronk Fishing, and Sliding Doors) and Wario Deluxe (Tread Carefully). 9-Volt's pet Fronk appears in WarioWare Gold. Forum Index » GB/GBA (RAVBA) » Bug Reports » WarioWare Twisted: Fronk breaks the game. on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 23 cheat codes and secrets. Questions and answers, Gameboy Advance and hosts half-length pop-up games in WarioWare: Twisted! Yellow Fronk are most common, though they also appear in other colours. Fronk's microgames are, like in WarioWare: Twisted!, shorter than regular ones. For WarioWare: Twisted! WarioWare Twisted: Fronk breaks the game. A Fronk called Shag. They appear in various [[microgame]]s in every installment of the series. Author Message; Fronk are small blocky creatures found throughout the WarioWare series. The name "Fronk" also refers to 9-Volt's pet Fronk, who was named Shag in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! 9-Volt just calls his pet "Shag". Showcase, Fronks appear in 18-Volt's stage, acting like enemies. "Shag-or-Fronk?" Boo Destroyer 12 years ago #1. User Info: Boo Destroyer. WarioWare: Twisted! Ok, so it's fronk. ]]'', however, he has been known as Fronk in English, due to the word "shag" doubling as a vulgar slang term for sexual intercourse in British English. Yeah, that small yellow guy. Fronk could be considered unique within the WarioWare games, as he is the only character that does not have his own complete set of microgames. His species is known as Fronk. I want to know how to unlock him?, WarioWare Twisted! In WarioWare: Twisted!, Fronk has his own Fronk-themed microgames that are shorter than the other games, but they appear randomly in any of the stages instead of Fronk having his own stage. and the first two Ultra League stages of WarioWare Gold. | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. fawkesfire 12 years ago #2. WarioWare: Twisted!