5 important vitamins and supplements men should consider 1. Wellman Original is an advanced one-a-day tablet packed with 29 nutrients chosen at levels to maintain health and vitality in men. Women over 50 should get at least 21 grams a day, while men need 30 grams, but most people don’t get that much. Testosterone—the “male sex hormone” that’s responsible for strength, sex drive, bone density and other important physiological functions—levels are already in decline. One in particular, published in Andrologia, found 40 percent of men who took maca plant supplements for three months experienced a stronger sex drive, as well as improved sperm formation and movement. Just remember to review the product thoroughly before buying. There are 3 basic factors that contribute to loss of muscle mass in men over 40: sarcopenia, weight gain, and low testosterone. Why is that a big deal? It’s important for men over the age of 40 to be aware of the causes related to muscle loss. Wellman, the UK’s number 1 supplement brand, was developed to meet the lifestyle needs of men at every stage of life. Proper supplementation can target these factors to increase testosterone, metabolism, anabolic resistance, and recovery rate. It will help you get motivated, hit the gym, and eat better. It is also important to use supplements as additions to a healthy diet. Being Over 40 Doesn’t Have to Suck. Age…it’s what we make it. It’s very common for Americans to be deficient in vitamin D — a 2009 article in Scientific American noted that over 75% of American teens and adults don’t get recommended levels. Supplementing with these can help you achieve your weight loss and muscle building goals. If you have less energy, muscle, and drive, it’s because you stated to neglect the things that kept you moving when you were younger. These supplements are especially beneficial for men over 40. After age 40, men lose some of their, well, manliness. The leading causes of death in men over 40 are heart disease and cancer, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. Why do some men age 40 and over need supplements? For example, Wellman provides lower levels of iron than formulations for women (such as Wellwoman) to reflect the lower requirement of men. Vitamin D: a key factor in testosterone levels. The Best Vitamins for a 40-Year-Old Man | Livestrong.com The best supplements for men over 40 can be narrowed down to a handful of essential vitamins and nutrients. PRIME MALE is a testosterone booster made specifically for men over 40.