After earning a law degree and working a short stint as a public defender, she became a private detective specializing in white-collar crime. The cases she works on often get her involved with ethnic minorities - Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and others - and she feels sympathy for illegal immigrants and occasionally gives then direct aid. She hates to admit being scared or vulnerable. However, as the daughter of a police officer whom she greatly loved and respected, Vic strongly objects to radicals calling the police "pigs". She learned techniques of street-fighting that were useful in her later career. But what a series it is! A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating. But what a series it is! Credited for transforming and revolutionizing the mystery genre by creating the female private eye, V I Warshawski, Sarah Paresky is the author of numerous international bestsellers with most of the appearing in over thirty languages. Hot-tempered, sarcastic, and fiercely self-reliant, Vic prefers T-shirts and jeans, and sleeps in the nude, but she can dress stylishly if necessary. Together with her cousin Boom-Boom, she had many wild and dangerous adventures – becoming especially wild and reckless in the period of deep grief after her mother's death. Warshawsk…, It's strictly Friends & Family as V.I. Meeting an anonymous client late on a sizzling sum…, When Chicago Black Hawks hockey legend Boom Boom W…, V.I. [1] The film, which took many creative liberties with Paretsky's character, was intended as a franchise for Turner but was not a commercial success, grossing $11.1 million[8] domestically. Warshawski Mystery (25 Books) by Sara Paretsky. There are the "bread and butter" clients who offer her fairly routine private detective jobs, which usually do not carry too much personal risk, and who pay promptly her full rates. The first two, Killing Orders and Deadlock, feature Kathleen Turner reprising her movie role, with Eleanor Bron as Dr. Charlotte “Lotty” Herschel. She stays trim despite a ravenous appetite and favors multi-course ethnic meals with good wine. Men who love her want to do so when she repeatedly risks her life in pursuing a hot case. Deadlock was adapted as a film, V. I. Warshawski, with Kathleen Turner in the title role. Sara Paretsky is the author of 20 books, including her renowned V. I. Warshawski novels. To date, 19 VI Warshawski books … Vic's clients fall into two distinct categories. She can persist in an investigation even when the client who originated it asks her to stop or is dead, and sometimes she starts an investigation on her own without a client at all. I." [7] She loves opera and classical music, often singing arias and playing her piano in times of stress. In an interview, Sara Paretsky noted that she has portrayed Warshawski ageing in real time. Warshawski is a series of novels written by Sara Paretsky. Vic grew up on the southeast side of Chicago, in the shadow of shuttered steel mills and factories. Warshawski’s closest friend in Chicago is the…, Chicago's V. I. Warshawski confronts crooked polit…, Sara Paretsky follows her instant New York Times b…. She drinks scotch, will break into an office if need be and can fight. Victoria Iphigenia "Vic" "V. Her many awards include the Cartier Diamond Dagger Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Crime … The books follow the exploits of a different sort of female investigator, the kind that drinks scotch and exchanges fists with the bad guys; … [3] Trained as an opera singer, she was destitute when she arrived as a refugee immigrant. With both actual mother and surrogate mother being refugees from the Nazis, Vic outspokenly identifies herself as being Jewish, though not religious and not member of any organized community, and she has deep identification with Jewish history before and during the Holocaust. In some books it is placed as early as 1938 or 1939, immediately after Mussolini enacted his anti-Jewish legislation. She often ends up pursuing cases that affect her friends, estranged family, or those whom she feels are being bullied by the wealthier and more powerful of Chicago. Throughout her adventures she recounts meals -what she had eaten, where, and whether or not it was tasty. The same distinction between "Progressives" and "Reactionaries" is also made in Vic's encounters with various Protestant clergy. Often the identified murderer remains too powerful for the law to touch. The adventures in the books almost invariably concern the other kind of client - who can't afford to pay her full rates, or can't pay her at all, but she decides to take their cases anyway because of some intrinsic detail arousing her feeling of justice. Victoria Iphigenia "V. She was involved in the girls' basketball team in her school, called "The Lady Tigers", and entered the University of Chicago on a sports scholarship. Warshawski is a female investigator who breaks a lot of the taboos created for female PIs. Warshawski is a private investigator in Chicago. Because of the high nervous tension you always have, athletic … Warshawski book series by Sara Paretsky includes books Indemnity Only, Deadlock, Killing Orders, and several more. Warshawski, as depicted by illustrator for the cover of short-story collection. Warshawski novels have dazzle…, A conscience can weigh a PI down more than the hea…, Chicago politics-past, present, and future-take ce…, Carmilla, Queen of the Night, is a shape-shifting …, V.I. Her many awards include the Cartier Diamond Dagger Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Crime … At the end of several books Vic ends up - after having spent much time, effort, and money from her own pocket, risked her life and got battered and wounded - with no material benefits to show for it, nothing but the satisfaction of having done something good. He became a corporate lawyer and their outlooks strongly differed. I." I." Warshawski is a fictional private investigator from Chicago who is the protagonist featured in a series of detective novels and short stories written by Chicago author Sara Paretsky. Warshawski,…, Among the first, and perhaps the most compelling, …, The bestselling V.I. Her chart reads: "Extremely active by nature, you like to get around and meet people. [4] Gabriella spoke Italian and English with her daughter, (according to Vic, the latter was heavily accented) who became fluent in Italian. V.I. 's battleaxe Aunt Rosa is under investigation …, Chicago private eye V.I. But such luck cannot be relied on. In other books it is placed at the time when Italy was already under direct German occupation, and Jews were being hunted and sent to extermination camps, in 1942 or 1943. She is an ardent fan of the Chicago Cubs in baseball and the Chicago Bears in football, closely following the ups and downs of their respective careers. She is fiercely independent even towards men she loves, would not consider living with one, and deeply resents their feeling protective towards her. In fact, her relations with the Catholic Church are complicated and ambiguous. Which does not discourage her from later taking up another such case. Warshawski is a fictional character featured in a series of crime novels by American author Sara Paretsky.