Where possible try to start the cladding … Vertical cladding with shiplap cedar weatherboards. Design of Timber Cladding Details . Vertical Grain Siberian Larch Cladding Vertical Grain Siberian Larch. With a multi million pound stock holding across a wide range of products, coupled with am unrivalled depth of knowledge offered at all our depots, you can be confident in our ability to satisfy your cladding … Vertical timber cladding … Timber cladding provides a long lasting and attractive finish for both internal and external projects. This aesthetic, however, adds complexity to the usual fixing method, since more than just cladding is now being fastened to a vertical … Timber Cladding. The boards are nailed to vertical battens on the substrate – this could be masonry, timber frame etc. Western red cedar is recognised in New Zealand as a premium exterior cladding material with a proven record for performance and versatility. In Europe, a recent trend is to affix timber battens to timber cladding in order to add depth to a facade and create light-and-shadow play. Vertical Grain Siberian Larch (VG SILA) is a naturally durable and aesthetically pleasing product. For vertical cladding you will need to counter batten, this is where you put a vertical batten to the building, with a minimum thickness of 15 mm and then fix a horizontal batten to take the vertical board. It is particularly popular for projects with a requirement for both timber cladding … Horizontal timber cladding is probably the most common, and perhaps simpler option.