Chickpeas are the foundation of any hummus recipe, but you can actually use other beans as well to make various dips, and simply rotate around the different flavor combinations. Get yourself a box of dates, open each up, take out the seed, and stuff with either nuts or nut butters. One easy way to make homemade jam is to heat up frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc.) Baked veggie chips made from sliced vegetables, dehydrated or baked at low temperatures, are a delicious vegan snack. There are many hummus “recipes” online, but in fact this is one of the easiest vegan snacks you can make at home, so it’s worth learning the basics to make your own. It will last about 5 days in the fridge, shorter than the grocery store varieties which all contain preservatives. Japanese sweet potatoes in particular are so sweet that when you stuff them it’s almost like a dessert. Simply cut up your favorite veggies (e.g. Need something in between meals, and want to stay healthy? However, some packaged fruit leathers have added sugar or color and are not as nutritious as homemade varieties (10). If frozen fruit is too cold for you, simply boil some water and then pour into a metal bowl containing the frozen fruit, then drain and enjoy. Some varieties also have chocolate, coconut, crackers or whole grains. Seaweed crisps are made from sheets of seaweed that have been baked, sliced into squares and seasoned with salt. One cup (164 grams) of chickpeas provides over 14 grams of protein and 71% of the daily value (DV) for folate. But when a real craving hits, we tend to want something … Put everything in a blender or food processor and voila! ), lemon juice, and water added to create the desired consistency. {Winter Edition} Facebook; Prev Article. Keep hunger pangs at bay with a quick and easy snack. Bake at 400F until cooked through. There are many reasons for this, but evidence shows your genes and gut bacteria play…. Salsa is commonly eaten with tortilla chips, but store-bought chips are often made with vegetable oil and excess salt. The largest and most indulgently delicious dates are Medjool, but there are many other varieties to explore. The combinations are endless. It is high in fiber, healthy fats, B vitamins and vitamin C. Homemade versions are generally more nutritious than commercially prepared hummus that may have added vegetable oils and preservatives (12, 13). Slice bananas and lay them inside the potato in a row, and once those are baked through, top with maple or date syrup, jam, nut butter, or anything else you fancy. Trail mix is a plant-based snack that typically includes nuts, seeds and dried fruit. A fast and easy way to eat healthily throughout the year. Two wonderful date farms in the US include 7 Hot Dates and The Date People, who harvest their produce in early fall and can ship directly to you throughout the year. Rice cakes topped with avocado is a balanced vegan snack with both healthy fats and fiber. and a tablespoon or so of chia seeds. This article looks at what vegans eat and why people choose to eat this…. You can try this with other cooked beans as well, such as black bean or pinto for an easy, portable vegan snack. Here is a detailed beginner's guide to going vegan. One of the easiest vegan snacks you can make is cutting bananas into two lengthwise and then topping with peanut butter and coconut flakes or raisins, or slicing an apple into disks and topping with almond butter and cocoa nibs. Japanese yam toast: The best version of non-bread toasts are sweet potatoes. This is one of those vegan snack ideas that is a snack, breakfast, and a meal prep option. Cooking oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk and adding sliced fruit and nuts or seeds can boost the nutrient content (16). Add the other ingredients, combine well, and “stuff” the sweet potatoes back up with the filling and place in oven for a little longer until crispy. These treats taste especially delicious when frozen for at least 30 minutes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper in your freezer. They’re an excellent source of high-quality plant protein. For the most nutritional benefits, make sure to select a nut butter without added sugar, oil or salt. The chia seeds will expand and take on a jam-like consistency. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. For example, avocados are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, fiber and potassium — all of which may promote heart health (4, 5). For things to dip with, there’s always crackers (Mary’s Gone Crackers are amazing and oil-free, as are Engine2’s line), but you can literally use any fresh fruit or veggies you have on hand, including raw lettuce and greens such as collard greens which make an easy and deliciously crunchy wrap with nutritional bang for your buck. Adding nutritional yeast can boost the nutrition of popcorn even more. Hummus is a vegan dip made from chickpeas, oil, lemon juice, garlic and a sesame seed paste called tahini. Fruits provide fiber, vitamins and minerals, while nut butters are rich in fiber and protein that can help you feel full and energized (1, 2, 3). For Italian, add sun-dried tomato and fresh basil. We’ve curated a list of nutrient-dense plant-based snack ideas that will keep you energized until your next meal. Luckily, countless combinations of plant foods can make up healthy and satisfying snacks — whether you eat fully vegan or are simply interested in reducing animal products in your diet. With that basic recipe in mind, you can experiment with different flavor combinations. You can actually also do this with bananas, apples, and pears as well, but they will be mushier (still delicious!). You can even add sweet potato mash or make an easy dressing on the side to dip into (look out for a post on easy dressings soon). Our tasty, chef-prepared cuisine is always fresh and never frozen, and we offer five convenient meal plans: Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan and Low-Carb Vegan. Popular combinations include bananas or apples with cashew, almond or peanut butter. Depending on their ingredients, they can be a very nutritious vegan snack with protein, fiber and healthy fats that promote energy and satiety (14, 24).