This is a picture of Martian soil before (left) and after (right) it was zapped by the Curiosity rover’s laser instrument called ChemCam. The pits and the lack of are translated into binary by the computer and then are used for information. This laser uses the process of photothermolysis, which means using light (photo) to heat (thermo) a selected area for destruction (lysis). The laser has graced futuristic movies predominantly as a weapon, and there’s so much more it can do. One popular use of lasers is the reading of CD. Laser Institute of America (LIA), founded in 1968, is the professional society for laser applications and safety. The procedure takes only a few minutes and can be done in the doctor's office. Another use of lasers is in the use of fiber optics. Lasers are used for photocoagulation of the retina to halt retinal hemorrhaging and for the tacking of retinal tears. Laser beams were (and still are) a staple in science fiction movies like Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica. LIA cultivates innovation, ingenuity and inspiration to promote the continued growth and safe use of laser applications. The doctor aims the beam through the cornea and burns away the tangle of blood vessels covering the retina. Because the laser beam is so small and precise, it allows health care providers to safely treat tissue without injuring the surrounding area. If two Florida men weren't already aware that flashing a laser at a pilot in flight is a felony in the state, they definitely are now. The laser most often used in the treatment of this condition is powered by a medium of argon gas. Our mission is to foster lasers, laser applications, and laser safety worldwide. Spectrometers can help scientists figure out what things are made of. Let’s take a look at some of the real-life uses of laser beams. This laser emits wavelength of high energy light that is converted to heat energy. Lasers are also used in instruments called spectrometers. Since lasers travel very fast they make an ideal way to communicate. Higher power lasers are used after cataract surgery if the supportive membrane surrounding the implanted lens becomes milky. This damages the specific target area. Lasers can be used for many medical purposes. Photodisruption of the membrane often can cause it to draw back like a shade, almost instantly restoring vision. For example, the Curiosity rover uses a laser spectrometer to see what kinds of chemicals are in certain rocks on Mars. "The use of laser technology for marking fruit and vegetables has existed longer than the company Laserfood. CD's function by having a reflective aluminum layer that has very small pits put in the aluminum.