Ungava Spirits. Compass Gin starts with a base of 100% Nova Scotian wheat which is distilled with a blend of classic gin botanticals including juniper, citrus & cucumber. Shake and strain over ice loaded highball glass. You must be of legal drinking age to enter this site. Average Price. Sign up to our newsletter. Is it worth picking up a bottle next time I fly to add to the collection (I didn't get one today as I was already buying a bottle of Roku)? Perfectly balanced, bright and crisp, this contemporary gin is the ideal spirit for a classic martini, cocktail, or simply enjoyed straight up. 45 mL Ungava Canadian Premium Gin . 43.1%. Gin Royal is a tribute to the bees and pollinators whose work allows us to create beautiful spirits like gin. 92% Upvoted. More than half of the botanicals used in gin are pollinated by bees, and without them there would be no gin. Ungava is a unique contemporary gin. Hailing from Canada, Ungava is a lesson in duality. Review: Ungava Gin (43.1 % ABV) 86.5/100 a review by Chip Dykstra (AKA Arctic Wolf) Revised on July 30, 2018. This interesting gin features a combination of six seldom-seen botanicals - Nordic Juniper, Arctic Blend, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Labrador Tea and… More info. save hide report. It’s bitter and floral; soothing and spicy. 1 cherry. Load Boston shaker with ice, Ungava gin, lemon juice and syrup. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Animus Distillery make premium small batch hand crafted Australian gin. Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is distilled in small batches from locally grown corn, using traditional techniques inspired by the variety of indigenous roots, berries and flowers that grow naturally on the Ungava Peninsula, it is produced with six 100% natural botanicals – Nordic Juniper, Arctic Blend, Labrador Tea, Crowberry, Wild Rose Hip and Cloudberry. $36. This thread is archived. Immediately you’ll notice Ungava’s distinct yellow hue – the compound of a double distillation that releases a complex, multi tiered flavor. best. share. 10 comments. 30 mL lemon juice. This royal blue spirit is distilled from Nova Scotian wheat with classic and contemporary gin botanicals. Today in the airport I spotted Ungava Canadian Gin, mainly because it's bright yellow. Review. Distillery. Ungava Gin is a product of Domaine Pinnacle a family owned orchard and cidery located on a beautiful heritage property near the historic village of Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Special offers, recommendations and expert advice to your inbox! Recently viewed. It’s traditional and contemporary. 90 mL soda water. Ungava Canadian Premium Gin — made from rare plants and herbs from the Canadian Arctic — is used in this simple cocktail recipe. ABV. Share This! 15 mL simple syrup. 1 strip orange zest. Although primarily known for their Ice Cider and Maple Creams, … A 1 litre bottling of Ungava Gin, produced in Canada! The combination of creative ingredients and bathtub-gin-style-infusion culminates in a gin that will have both supporters and detractors among contemporary and classic gin enthusiasts. Sort by. Ungava Gin Co. Anyone tried it? About Ungava Gin Co. Distillery.