These units may not be applied toward the 64-unit upper division requirement. With respect to the completion of your major requirements, most of the majors in the College of Letters and Science require completion of the major degree requirements in effect at the time you officially declared your major. candidate requirements are determined by their respective major program. All courses used to satisfy major requirements must be taken on a letter-graded basis, unless courses are only offered on a Passed/Not Passed basis. IGETC is a series of courses which prospective transfer students attending California community colleges may complete to satisfy the lower division breadth/general education requirements at the University of California. This examination does not yield credit. A minimum of 180 units is required for the bachelor’s degree. 4. The Foreign Language Requirement may be satisfied in any language offered at UC Davis, including ancient languages, or which is normally taught at—and for which transfer credit is allowed— from another institution, including American Sign Language. • All postgraduate professional courses 400–498 offered outside of the College of Letters and Science. This test may be taken at any time during your high school career. At approximately this point, you should contact your departmental adviser for a check of your major requirements. However, because departments differ in how they handle these matters, check with the department or major program office if you have any questions about which requirements apply to you. There are no additional college residence requirements. Satisfaction of the campus General Education requirement (or IGETC for transfer students) in effect Fall 2011 will satisfy the Breadth requirement. You are encouraged to meet with your college and major advisors to review your degree requirements and ensure that you are on track towards degree completion. On occasion, the faculty makes changes in the requirements that students must satisfy to obtain the baccalaureate degree. Phone: 530-752-0392
 All changes of major and college must be completed before the beginning of the student's quarter of graduation. For more information about the Entry Level Writing Requirement, visit To be competitive for freshman admission to UC Davis, prospective students must be on track to earn a high school diploma (or equivalent) and meet all UC freshman admission requirements. Maximum of 105 units of credit earned at two-year institutions (community college). It involves students in the learning process by its expectation of considerable writing and class participation. C. Undergraduates in the College cannot receive degree credit for special study courses 299, 399, or 499. Students may apply credit for courses taken in the Open Campus Program through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (formerly known as UC Davis Extension) towards the 180-unit undergraduate degree requirement. The minimum eligibility conditions for an undergraduate student in the College to petition for degree credit for a 200, 300, or 400 series course are a UC grade point average of 3.300 and completion of 18 upper division units basic to the subject matter of the course. Satisfaction of the Entry-Level Writing requirement is a prerequisite to all other undergraduate courses in English and must be fulfilled before General Education courses can count toward the General Education Writing Experience Requirement. Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) 2. This limitation applies to all UC Davis undergraduates, including Letters and Science students. Completion of a minor in the humanities, social sciences or fine arts can offer structure and coherence to the courses selected for the satisfaction of the requirement. As we get Campus Ready, we all have a responsibility to follow new policies and requirements to help protect fellow campus community members. Before accumulating 90 units. By Examination: Other means. You must satisfy four groups of requirements before you can become eligible for candidacy for a bachelor's degree. Unit Requirement; Each candidate must complete a program of study under an approved curriculum in Engineering, totaling at least 180 units. With respect to the completion of your major requirements, most of the majors in the College of Biological Sciences require completion of the major degree requirements in effect at the time you officially declared your major. To avoid discovering just before graduation that you are short units, meet with an advisor regularly and keep track of the number of units you have taken in each of the following categories. Complete no less than 180 units allowing for the unit credit limitations listed below. • Concurrent (“XDC”) courses may constitute at most half of the units offered in satisfaction of the upper division requirements of the major. Limitation on Credit for Graduate and Professional Courses. • All variable unit courses 300–398 and 400–498 offered within the College of Letters and Science. 
200 Social Science and Humanities 
 The Office of the University Registrar is conducting business by phone & virtually. In addition, if you are taking courses which, if passed, will cause your unit total to exceed 200 units and you intend to register for the next quarter, you must file a plan with your advisor that leads to graduation within 225 units. Wednesday: 9 a.m. - noon, 1 - 4 p.m. With the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). It encourages students to consider the relationships between disciplines. All rights reserved. The minimum residence requirement for a bachelor's degree at the University of California is one academic year (three quarters). The AWPE/Upper-Division Composition Examination form, available at the UC Davis Bookstore, is required. and B.A.S. A score of 5, 4 or 3 on any foreign language College Board Advanced Placement Examination, with the exception of Latin, taken in high school will satisfy the Foreign Language requirement. Students must attain at least a 2.000 GPA for all courses required in their major. Additionally, credit from such courses may be applied toward fulfillment of all university, campus, college and major unit and subject matter requirements—including the Area, Foreign Language, Upper Division and Residence requirements of the College—in the same manner that the corresponding regular UC Davis course is so accepted. However, because departments differ in how they handle these matters, check with your BASC academic advisor if you have any questions about your major requirements. • All professional courses 300–398 for teachers offered outside of the College of Letters and Science. So that you will not be penalized by changes that may work to your disadvantage and so that you will benefit by changes that assist you in completing your degree requirements, it is college policy that you may choose to fulfill the university and college requirements (see General Education Requirement for an exception) as stated in any UC Davis General Catalog in effect at the time you were registered at UC Davis. The following are additional courses that have limits on the number of units that can be counted toward your degree. While registered in the College of Letters and Science, a minimum of 27 upper division units, including 18 upper division units in the major, must be completed on the Davis campus; work completed while registered in the UC Education Abroad Program or the UC Davis Extension Open Campus Program does not satisfy the College Residence requirements. Passing the English Composition Examination, administered by the University Writing Program, upon completion of 70 units of degree credit. Nonstandard Courses. Students are required to consult a Biology Academic Success Center academic advisor at three points in their academic careers: 1.