In this article, we explain the different types of camera lenses so that you can understand which lens, or set of lenses, will be the best option moving forward. Traditionally this type of lens has a range of 24mm at the wide view, up to 200mm at the telephoto view. This type of camera lens is used to create very close-up, macro photographs. This type of lens is meant for those who don’t want to change lenses on their camera. This article will help you narrow your vision by breaking down several types of camera lenses. I am Mee Tai Mak I love photography and share the passion by giving free presentations. Camera lens filters can generate fascinating results if you want to take your photography one step further.Together with a camera, lenses, and tripod, lens filters is a fundamental part of a photographer’s equipment, and are essential in many disciplines such as landscape photography.. These types … 2. “ “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz 3 4. Prime vs. Zoom. You cannot swap it out for another lens. Lens for LSST, a planned sky surveying telescope. However, they can largely be grouped as follows: Standard Lenses. The word lens comes from lēns, the Latin name of the lentil, because a double-convex lens is lentil-shaped.The lentil plant also gives its name to a geometric figure.. A standard lens is one with a mid-range focal length, typically around 50mm. But learning what you need to know about video and photo camera lenses can be expensive and time-consuming. Types of Camera Lenses 1. Bridge cameras fill the gap in quality between phones and compacts and the first two types of camera on our list. When shopping for a new camera lens, you may find it difficult to choose from the multitude of options available. You can find me at @meetaimak 2 3. They have a unique design that allows them to produce sharp images at extremely close range. Once you have an idea of the focal ranges of the different types of camera lenses, you then need to decide whether you are going for a fixed prime lens, or a zoom lens. Primes lenses are those that have a fixed focal length such as 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm and so on. Some scholars argue that the archeological evidence indicates that there was widespread use of lenses in antiquity, spanning several millennia. These lenses are great for nature photography, enabling you to capture an enormous amount of detail in one image. Types of Camera Lens. F inding the right lens for your camera can vastly improve your images and overall production. Telephoto Lenses Telephoto lenses are a type of zoom lens with multiple focal points. Hello! The size of the sensor is not as big as in most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. It is though, bigger than you’ll find in compact cameras and phones. You may want to also check out our tips on how to choose a camera lens, which has a video that explains the types of lenses. This type of camera has a fixed lens. In this guide to camera lens filters, you will find the following information: There are dozens of different types of lens available, designed for use in a wide range of circumstances. Types of Camera Lenses 2.