This durable, discrete mount allows you to easily create a professional-quality training station almost anywhere. But for home, you need this! If you mount th… see more Installing the anchor directly into a wood stud is the best (and safest) means of mounting the bracket. To install Xmount on a concrete surface, use two 3/ 8” x 3” concrete lag shields. Is there any alternative to the TRX X-Mount? The TRX Xmount lag shields ensure your Xmount is firmly anchored into any concrete or brick surface. Any deviation from the instructions or variation in the material used/installed may result in an unsuccessful installation. This mount was cheaper than the actual TRX mount yet appeared to be very similar. Create an anchoring point for your training routines, helping you achieve greater range of motion and flexibility. Has anyone got any experience with this? We only used the wood screws for our garage ceiling. 1 new … INC VAT EX VAT. For travel, the door anchor is fine. Use the concrete lag shield anchors to secure your TRX Suspension Trainer into a concrete wall or ceiling. It is an excellent anchoring tool that allows a multi-directional range of motion. Flamingo 2.0. Top 10 Best Products . Last of all, there is the TRX for at minimum Trx Xmount vogue over the world from the countless. 4.7 out of 5 stars 706. Applications deck surface. Trx x mount 2016/03/06 03: 00 M/D Reply Permalink. 3. 4. Simply find a wall stud or ceiling rafter and drive the screws directly into the wood. Description; Description. Suitable for a variety of materials including concrete, stone and brickwork. 0 comments. TRX X Mount Adds More Natural Movement. Pull the Anchoring Loop through the Larger Loop and pull to cinch. The mount comes in Gray or white, which was handy as I installed this in a white garage so it is almost invisible against the ceiling. 95 CDN$ 58.97 CDN$58.97. It also comes with additional concrete screws if you need them. Install two 2" x 8" (5.1 cm x 20.3 cm) boards as blocking under post location. 2 new from $5.99 . Our Solutions Travis Perkins Logistics Centre. The TRX Xtender allows you to safely attach the Suspension Trainer straps to high or oversized anchor points and keeps them tightly in place on any vertical pole with a smooth surface. Our mount features: HEAVY DUTY Solid steel construction, New 4-hole design (mount to concrete walls or wood beams / studs), Apr 15, 2018 - Why risk putting all of your weight on an innocent door jam? Well made product.I drilled 2 holes at the same length with the 2 bolts provided in the package and fixed with 2 plastic dowel pins to the ceiling (it is made from solid concrete).My weight is 114 kg(251 lbs), they said it's guaranteed safe for 250 kg(551 lbs) using their original bolts.Hope this info helps. Create a strong foundation with the TRX XMount! The instructions are simple and pretty straight froward. Holophane provide complete lighting solution to Travis Perkins Logistics Centre, Warrington. Read PDF Trx Xmount Installation Manual failure to take proper care in site selection, assembly or installation can lead to Training Zone: Instruction Manual Create a strong foundation with the TRX XMount! For ceiling mount, the TRX manual (not the mount instructions, but the manual that came with the trainer) suggests the suspension anchor be 6' off the ground, so you should be okay. 7 comments. This is my referral code for an extra 5% per day. The 4.5-inch diameter plate is made of rugged steel and attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, or overhead beams to create a rock-solid anchoring point for all TRX Training products. Clean out holes to remove all concrete dust. 1-16 of 49 results for "trx anchor mount" "trx anchor mount" The X-Mount attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, and overhead beams. New, solid steel plate and ring combo for your TRX Suspension System. Post. I liked that is supports up to 750 lbs. More Information; handling_time: 7: Related Products. This is a great mount at a great price! Free shipping. Made of rugged steel, this durable, discreet mount allows you to easily create a rock-sold anchoring point for any TRX Signature Trainer. This durable, discrete mount when used in conjunction with the TRX Suspension Trainer can create a professional-quality training station almost anywhere. Buy Heavy Duty Fixings at Even though you may Trx X Mount never even speak to them on the. Tronex slowly makes you TRX I've tried it and it seems pretty legit, I was able to withdrawal earnings and everything. Posted by 4 days ago. NOTE: These instructions must be followed exactly as written and the material used must be exactly as shown in the instructions. The X-Mount attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, and overhead beams. Buy Now. The plate comes with both wood and concrete screws. share. Flamingo 2.0. Find a location to install the Xmount (7' – 9' concrete wall or ceiling). Terebinths of Moreh,'by'trX'qaiov Ttjt Spins rfjs nfnjkris,'near the high oak,'and in. share. Only mount to load-bearing walls or overhead studs or beams. 21.86 inches = distance from top of L-Beam to bottom of Mounting Bracket. I got the x-mount as part of a bundle but realised it uses wood screws, where as, I want to mount it to concrete. which is way more than the TRX mount. Product Specifiations. TRX Studio Line Wall Mount Installation: TRX TRAINING ZONE® STUDIO LINE configurations must be anchored directly to structurally sufficient concrete floors or walls (3,000 psi or greater compressive strength) to ensure maximum safety and frame rigidity and eliminate rocking and tipping over. The Wall Mount is perfect for suspension straps, yoga swing, gymnastic rings, boxing equipment, battle rope, yoga swing and more! Depending on how much TRX is invested is the percentage of trx that you will earn per day. The Lag Shields come in a pair with each pair suitable for attaching a single X Mount. The VST x-mount is a secure anchoring point for the Valkyrie Suspension Trainer. For outside concrete wall or I was thinking of getting a pull up bar door framed one and attaching it to that, what's people's thoughts?