This requirement may affect your decision in several different ways. Will your vehicle be safe while you are away? This can be a bit of a challenge if you plan on saving the most out of your paycheck. Renting a car for your travel nursing assignment is the most convenient method of transportation for travel nurses who don’t want to drive to their assignments. If so, you will be able to get around easily without a car. Hi!I am looking to start travel nursing soon and have a question regarding car transportation. * MTC will abide by all COVID-19 regulations on a global scale. You also don’t have to worry about routine maintenance like oil changes. If vehicle ownership is relatively affordable for you, it may be worth it to spring for your own car. If you need to leave your vehicle behind during a travel nursing assignment, will you have somewhere to store it? Flexibility, sharp skills, and being able to jump right in as part of the healthcare team are must-haves of a travel nurse. As a travel nurse, it may or may not be beneficial for you to own your own car, depending on the circumstances. It doesn’t have to be with our transportation assistance. You’re living in a rental park, not a community within the city. For example, how do you get to work? For example, if your assignments require a car and you are close enough to the assignment location to bring your own, having your own car may prevent you from needing to rent one. Help Throughout Your Entire Trip. quotes to ship my car that distance are between 1200-1600$. Part of this process includes choosing how to travel to your next travel assignment, as well as finding transportation once you arrive. As a travel nurse, you are likely to spend a large portion of each year in locations far from your established home. Do you typically accept assignments within driving distance of your home, or will you be more likely to fly to your assigned locations? You can bring your car. It’s also important to give yourself a few days of buffer when shipping a car since there can be logistical problems if you’re not shipping it to a big city. Renting a … The only payments you will have to make for housing in your new location are RV park fees! Many nurses are looking for time off during the holidays. However, you can still find plenty to do with the money you’re saving on housing! Is public transportation available in your area? Owning a vehicle can be convenient if you use it frequently. However, owning your own car can also be expensive. There are many benefits to renting a car for your travel nursing assignment. When your whole house is on wheels, if something goes wrong it’s coming out of your pocket, not the agency or the landlord. With every assignment, you have to move to a different city and make new living arrangements from scratch. Saving money on housing. Deciding whether or not to purchase or keep a car as a travel nurse can be challenging. Shipping Your Car to Your Travel Nursing Assignment. Length of assignments Travel nursing assignments are typically 13-26 weeks in length, sometimes more, sometimes less. Many travel nurses have begun using RVs on their travel nursing assignments. On the other hand, if no public transportation is available, you will be forced to rent a vehicle, which can be expensive. In some cases, you may travel so much that you no longer maintain an established home at all. The cost of owning a vehicle can vary based on the type of car you choose, whether you need financing, your location and other factors. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "3055803", However, if your assignment is too far to bring your own car, you may be forced to rent a car anyway. To calculate this, consider the up-front cost of shipping your own car compared to the ongoing costs of car rental per week of your travel assignment. no bumpy or unpaved roads). For example, if your assignments require a car and you are close enough to the assignment location to bring your own, having your own car may prevent you from needing to rent one. Some travel nurses spend more time on assignment than others. Travel nursing assignments are available for multiple specialities, but some specialties like ICU and Oncology are more in demand. Travel nursing is a great way to advance your career and earn great pay while traveling the country.