The Tornado has gone through many iterations; a predecessor was known as the "Winged Victory". Archie ComicsSonic the ComicSonic XSonic the Hedgehog: The MovieSonic BoomSonic ComicIDW Publishing In Sonic Runners, the Tornado makes an appearance as an S Rare Fly Type Buddy called the RC Tornado. After the Act is completed, the Egg Carrier fires a giant laser which blows off the Tornado's right wings, making it spin out of control and crash. The Tornado is noted to be an impressive piece of tech by present-day standards despite being several centuries old. The Tornado's next appearance is in Sonic Advance. The Tornado[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom series. During Tails' Tornado, the Tornado Racer flies in the air along with the tornado that the technique creates. When Sonic is shown to pilot the Tornado, he is also seen wearing goggles which look like the. In Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II and Episode Metal, the Tornado has its original look from earlier games with few slight changes. Purpose Tails piloting the Tornado in "The Sidekick". The cockpit has only one seat. A blue and yellow aircraft. During the ending of Episode Metal, Metal Sonic notices Sonic and Tails flying away in the Tornado and takes Tails' rocket to follow them. When the player progresses to Wing Fortress Zone, the Tornado gets shot down by lasers while pursuing Dr. Robotnik and his flying battleship. The Tornado had made a brief cameo appearance in Knuckles' Chaotix. ), also written as the X-Tornado, is a vehicle in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. Like a biplane, it has two main wings stacked above the other, but they are so close together that they have smaller distance between them that the Tornado's airframe. However, the Tornado was seemingly lost when it sank into a frozen lake during a battle with Dr. Eggman's Burnbot. The X Tornado (エックストルネード Ekkusu torunēdo? In the opening cutscene of Sonic Rush Adventure, Tails and Sonic appear flying during a thunderstorm while searching for an anomaly. Area/Level: Cliff's Excavation Site. Sonic Boom: Rise of LyricSonic Boom: Shattered Crystal It is an aircraft created by Tails and Chuck Thorndyke as the replacement for the Tornado 2 to combat E-90 Super Sweeper. The Tornado Racer's engine output most likely was limited on purpose by Tails as if it were faster it would take off like a normal plane seeing as it already has enough speed to hover over the ground. ". The Tornado-1 from Sonic Unleashed, with the apparent codename Tornado 03.. Tornado with its tether add-on in the good ending of Sonic & Knuckles. In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Tails has built a now land-based iteration of the Tornado series called the "Tornado Racer", capable of making fast turns with its short wing span. Having been shot down multiple times, Tornado has been repaired or replaced with different variations of the biplane. When Tails regained consciousness, he went b… Paulie's biplane in Sonic the Hedgehog serialized manga. The duo later used the biplane to chase down Eggman with his slightly damaged Egg Mobile at the beginning of Sky Fortress Zone Act 1 and during the boss act against Metal Sonic in the Metal Carrier. As shown in Sonic & Knuckles, the Tornado can also be fitted with a grappling tether for pulling larger objects behind it. It was recently used by Sonic and Tails in a reconnaissance mission where they found the Egg Fleet. The X Tornado (エックストルネード, Ekkusu torunēdo? Above the top wing and vertical stabilizer, the Tornado got emblazed with Tails' symbol, and behind the cockpit on the fuselage is the word "SONIC" written in white. First appearance In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, the Tornado has the same design as its game counterpart in the early games in the series. Other appearances I added the "SONIC" text to the plane myself. In the ending of Knuckles' story, Sonic is seen saving Knuckles with the Tornado from the destruction of Sky Sanctuary Zone after his duel with Mecha Sonic's Super State. Miles "Tails" ProwerSonic the HedgehogAmy RoseKnuckles the EchidnaSticks the BadgerCliff Sega. After the destruction of the Death Egg, Tails flies the Tornado to rescue Sonic as he is plunged from the sky (or the other way around). When the player gets hurt, the RC Tornado restores up to 1200 Rings and 1250 for the Fly Type character. When stationary, the Tornado is capable of hovering slightly ab… In Sonic Adventure, the Tornado was als… User(s) It is a uniquely designed aircraft built by the Ancients,[2] but was eventually abandoned. In this media, it is Sonic and Tails main transportation across the unique surface of Planet Freedom. Purpose In the extra ending, Sonic lands on the Tornado after clearing Chaotic Space Zone. The Tornado is a two-seated, vintage-style biplane used by the Knothole Freedom Fighters.It is typically piloted by Tails, with Sonic or others walking on its wings. In Sonic Lost World, the Tornado returned with a slight redesign, appearing closer to its original incarnation while having sleeker edges. It is an aircraft created by Tails and Chuck Thorndyke as the replacement for the Tornado 2 to combat E-90 Super Sweeper. The Tornado was used by Sonic and Tails to enter the Land of Darkness, although it got damaged in the process. In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, the Tornado was original a part of an abandoned vehicle hangar from the Ancients in Volcanic Crater. ** Exclusive to the 2013 re-release version. "*" Wii U and PC versions only"**" Nintendo 3DS version only"^" Wii U version only. It appears only in the good ending and is shown in the background of the credit roll with Sonic on its wings and Tails as the pilot, hovering behind Knuckles and his crew. If all of the Super Emeralds were obtained, Knuckles is in his Hyper form during the scene. After the Super Genesis Wave reset the multiverse, the Tornado became virtually identical to its game counterpart, although it remains a primary vehicle in the Freedom Fighters' air forces. In this game, the Tornado is featured in the Sky Chase Zone where it serves the same as it did in Sky Chase Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sonic lands on to the Tornado's wing after Knuckles launches him up there from the Aquatic Relix Zone. Afterwards, it would become the common means of transportation for Sonic and his friends. Tails took the position of the pilot, maintaining his place since the earliest versions of the Tornado. Getting hit once will make the player loses all Rings and another will make the Tornado crash and Sonic will fall off into the clouds. The Tornado (トルネード, Torunēdo? )[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. At the beginning of the game, Sonic and Tails used the Tornado to chase down Dr. Eggman in the sky, who had a capsule full of imprisoned Animals attached to the Egg Mobile. [1] This design has been reused in recent games, including Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, Sonic Lost World and Sonic Runners, although with small changes such as short red ends on the wings and a yellow three-headed tractor screw. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. What happened to the Tornado afterwards is unknown, though it was presumably lost at sea following the storm. It's even backwards on the left side of the plane like back in the day. In Sonic Adventure, the Tornado was also outfitted with homing missiles and a machine gun. It does not work in boss battles. While Tails lands the Tornado, Sonic transforms into his super form and lands on the island himself. After clearing the final boss of Last Utopia Zone, Tails saves Sonic with the Tornado after he falls down in the game's normal ending. When the quartet needed to go to Bygone Island, Cliff fixed the Tornado and used it to bring the heroes to their intended location. Garden. There, he also meets Tails for the first time. The Tornado is noted to be an impressive piece of tech by present-day standards despite being several centuries old.It possesses two propellers for momentum with retractable energy blades. At the end of Act 1, the plane gets shot down by the laser cannon of Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrierand crashes down. User(s) Upon arriving however, the Tornado was wrecked by Lyric the Last Ancient. When active, the propellers leave a helix-shaped contrail. [3] After defeating Zazz, Sonic meets with Tails who has repaired the Tornado.[4]. *Exclusive to Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. By Sonic Adventure 2, Tails has built the Tornado 3 which he primarily dubs the "Cyclone".