Displays water temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius Accurate and easy-to-read LCD screen Made exclusively for PetSmart This simple, easy-to-read digital thermometer accurately senses the temperature of your aquarium water and displays it on an LCD screen in Fahrenheit or Celcius. Whether it's an ear or forehead thermometer you're looking for, make sure it is accurate and comfortable to use. ThoroughlyReviewed is reader-supported. She did warn against a bit of user error that can occur if the sensor is not pressed flat against the forehead. Check out our guide for the best baby thermometers. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; An unattended high fever can result in more problems such as febrile seizures so having the tools to keep track of the temperature provides peace of mind as well as increased safety for your family. We will update this piece with new information when we can. These cookies do not store any personal information. That’s where the. While this thermometer works for the entire family, iProven also makes a version specifically for adults. Insider Reviews freelancer and certified postpartum doula PCD(DONA) Mandy Major tested the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer for her guide to the best baby thermometers, and not only did it make her top pick for children older than three months, it also became her go-to thermometer in her own home. And, you have to turn it off and turn it on again in order to take back-to-back temperature readings. You get a 40 day money back guarantee on this device. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. And can be wiped off easily. Anyone with a sick child can agree that digital thermometers must be easy to use, have a quick response time, and provide accurate numbers. We’ve outlined the differences below. It might be a good idea to keep a spare set in a drawer you can find easily in case you need to replace them. The iProven digital thermometer. It’s one thing to check your local nightly forecast; it’s quite another to have a feature-rich indoor/outdoor thermometer that you can check whenever you want to. The iProven Thermometer can take readings through ear and forehead, so it's ideal for cross-referencing measurements to get accurate temperature readings. gtag('js', new Date()); A good first aid kit isn't a mobile trauma center, but it will provide the basic supplies you need to mitigate the ill effects of an accident, injury, or sudden illness. Pros: Excellent accuracy when fever is present, lasts for years, replaceable covers limit germ spreading, Cons: Screen is not backlit, lesser accuracy when fever is not present. Last Updated: March 20, 2020. The 10 best infrared thermometers to buy in the UK. When deciding what type and style of digital thermometer to get, take the following factors into consideration. For the most accurate reading, start at the center of the forehead and swipe back and forth. Fast Results – The faster a digital thermometer reaches the reading the faster your child can get the relief they need, whether it be a tepid bath or fever medication or something more serious. – If you are going to be using the thermometer for the whole family, you will want to get a model that has disposable probe covers or make sure that the probe is easy to clean and keep sanitized. Even though all fevers aren’t high grade, knowing when your child has one and knowing what it is, is very important to their health and safety. They have many varieties and they all share Braun’s commitment to reliability and accuracy. If you just want an exceptionally good thermometer that's easy to use, reliable, and will last for years, then the Braun ThermoScan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer is the one for you. If you’re a mom, it may seem like you have a temperature gauge in your hand with the ability moms have to just feel their child’s head and tell that something is off. An extremely sensitive, fussy child may not feel like keeping a thermometer in their mouths properly and forget about taking it rectally! To use the infrared forehead sensor, you pop on the infrared lens attachment, press the Head button, then either gently drag the sensor across the forehead or lightly tap it to several spots on the brow. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. When testing the ThermoScan 7 on her daughter when she was healthy, she found the Braun struggled with accuracy, varying up to 0.5 degrees as compared to the other models. Have a Backup – If you’ve decided on a larger ear thermometer or forehead thermometer, be sure to get a digital stick thermometer as a backup measure in case one doesn’t work. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. With these reviews and the following buyer’s guide, you will have some great knowledge to use when you choose the digital thermometer that meets your needs. There are many different ways for a parent to take their child’s temperature; forehead thermometers, ear thermometers, and regular standard digital thermometers that can be used orally, rectally or auxiliary which is under the arm. Not being sure if the readings are accurate can cause more harm than good, so investing in a higher quality model, especially if you have very young children, will give you the right tools to ensure their health and well being. If you have multiple ages from infant to preteen, you may still want to consider the ear or forehead styles as they are less intrusive and annoying when a child of any age is sick and feverish. Using the ear probe will get you the most accurate results in the most efficient manner possible, but it might not always be a viable method with a fussy toddler or otherwise unwilling participant. Light, slim, versatile, and very affordable, the Vicks ComfortFlex is super easy to use and provides accurate readings. Part of the reason this device is so accurate is the pre-warmed tip, a feature that not only helps with precise measurements but that also makes the experience of having temperature taken less unpleasant for the patient. Using the included lens filter every time you take your child’s temperature ensures accuracy and the fact that the lens filters are disposable ensures safety and hygienic temperature taking as well. You can purchase syndication rights to this story here. Pros: Most accurate thermometer we tested, suitable for children older than three months, no downtime between readings, Cons: Dim readout screen, unintuitive settings menu. This will vary according to the type of digital thermometer it is but overall, these features will be included in most types. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider The easy to read screen lets you know quickly whether the child has a fever by displaying green for no fever (along with the actual temperature) yellow for slight fevers and red for high fevers.