A particularly flamboyant use of it includes the Knarvik Church. It’s also very popular for larger, commercial projects: such as the Redcar & Cleveland Leisure Centre! When installed to manufacturer’s specifications, COLORBOND steel cladding creates weather-tight and secure building envelopes. ALL CUSTOMERS & VISITORS WILL BE GREETED BEFORE ENTERING ANY BUILDINGS ON SITE. Feather-edged cladding is versatile and can be machined to many different sizes from the angle to the thickness and width. Made from cement, sand, cellulose fibre and water, Barestone weathers naturally, allowing its organic finish to seamlessly blend into the environment. Wood carving is one of the oldest hobbies we have, yet one of the most rewarding. Thermowood is a heat-treated pine, with a medium density, making it a softwood. Exterior cladding is nearly always, at some point in the day, exposed to direct sunlight. Timber also comes in varying colours, styles and textures that will make your building unique and attractive. Corium speeds up construction, saving both time and cost in comparison with traditional brickwork. 2. 20/12/2019 Homeowners are ever-increasingly choosing to add a flourish of luxury and beauty to their own home. The brick tiles are cut from real bricks to create an authentic brick wall cladding. The steel cladding also delivers several performance benefits such as a long lifespan, resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering, fire protection, simple maintenance and light weight. You can’t go wrong with brick. It’s not hard to see why. Here at Duffield Timber, we have over 60 years’ experience when it comes to timber. It is usually fixed horizontally. Explore our range of cladding products at Duffield Timber. Bricks are also sustainable and mostly recycled into new bricks, reused or crushed for fill. Steel Backed Brick Company specialises in lightweight brick cladding systems featuring custom cut bricks placed into a steel rail, which is mechanically fixed to the substrate. Brick Wall Cladding: Steel Backed Brick Company. However, this process will hide the natural grain of the wood and replace it with a solid colour. Counter battens are an essential design detail for vertical cladding to permit unrestricted drainage and air circulation in the cavity. A golden-brown colour, the grain of European Oak is generally straight, although its growth conditions can cause this to vary. Don’t forget we also have a Cladding and Decking Centre — a must-visit for anyone considering installing new cladding. This is your handy guide to all the cladding basics — profiles, styles, the best types of wood and tips for installation and care. Some people enjoy natural timber cladding as it’s left to weather. We only offer profiled timber from seasoned western red cedar. In fact, wood insulates fifteen times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel and 1,770 times better than aluminium. Whether an experienced woodworker or homeowner redesigning their outdoor space, our expert knowledge will help you choose the right product for any project. When aesthetics, durability, weather resilience and maintenance are important considerations for your external cladding along with thermal, acoustic and fire performance, Alumate by CompositeSpec could just be your solution. 1. External wall cladding in natural stone is ideal for feature walls, pool areas, retaining walls, stairwells and fireplaces as well as around columns and fountains. Hardwood Fibreboard Cladding: Weathertex. Popular for use in decking and flooring projects, Siberian Larch is an extremely versatile species. Paint can also be applied to coat the timber. Rot Resistance: Moderately durable against rot. It’s also worth noting that Oak reacts with iron, so stainless steel nails or screws are your best bet. Sustainable timber. With a choice of 22 standard colours and 5 matt shades, COLORBOND cladding substantially expands design possibilities. Lightweight Brick Finish Cladding: Corium. http://www.cemintel.com.au/products/barestone-external/. Timber Species. The local environment, for instance, is an important element because your cladding material should be able to withstand unique conditions such as exposure to a corrosive marine atmosphere, heavy wind loads, seismic effects, and extreme heat or cold. There are several external wall cladding products in the market today with numerous choices available in terms of material, style, colour, finish, performance and durability. That way, you’ll have plans in place in plenty of time, giving you plenty of time to choose and source the timber species that’s right for your project. Natural stone cladding in darker shades are easier to maintain as the dirt won’t show easily. Outdoor wood cladding gives a warm feel and once weathered is able to blend into their natural surroundings.Timber cladding allows you to create seamless transitions between buildings and woodland. A timber cladding made from Australian Hardwood and natural wax that comes with the claim of ‘better than zero carbon footprint’, Weathertex’s timber cladding is designed for architects and builders with green building objectives. The subtle, yet beautiful stone finish is perfect for creating a refined contrast in any contemporary or traditional design plan. Thanks to this, this lightweight species lasts a long time and is easy to maintain. They are usually pre-painted fibre-cement boards, which are designed to look like wood. Tongue & V-Groove cladding is considered the most popular style of cladding, in part due to its subtle aesthetic neatness. It looks fantastic painted and, with various stains available, there are endless design opportunities for creative homeowners. In Australia material options in external wall cladding or recladding include natural stone, timber, brick, vinyl, aluminium, steel, concrete, ceramic, fibre cement, fibreboard, glass and metal among many more at varying prices. Cladding a building in wood is no mean feat, and there are a range of things to consider — even the time of year to install it!