Tiens Group was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin China, began its march into the international market in 1997. In May 2015, the company sent 6,400 employees on a four-day tour of France. & Products Availability at your Place. Any unauthorized use of Tiens and Tiens Group name to reproduce non-standard sources of information, unclear copyright information, or misappropriation of Tiens Group official website to release information, etc., shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. (2) How much will have to Pay ? Tiens Group is not responsible for all its actions, information, and services. Copyright:Tiens Group-IT Center IE8 and above is recommended. Every day, in over 190 countries around the world, more than 30 million households are enjoying and benefiting from natural, healthy products produced by the renowned Chinese company, TIENS. Its range of health products is inspired by a 5000 years old Chinese health-preserving culture. In 2008, they reported having 12 million MLM distributors worldwide, including more than 40,000 in Germany, and 40 million customers, mostly in Russia, with approximately 60,000 in Germany. Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind. The Tiens Group philosophy. aoha tube. Enroll as TIENS Distributor by asking the distributor form at TIENS branch office,and fill up the form completely,including filling the sponsoring section part with my information above. Today Tiens Group has become a multinational conglomerate, boasting of industrial capital, trading capital and financial capital. Top Jobs at Tiens Group; Tiens Group Promotions Jobs; Tiens Group Distributor Jobs; Tiens Group Customer Service Representative Jobs; Jobs Tips; 11 Recession-Proof Jobs; How to Get a Job; The Perfect Resume Looks Like This; How to Write A Cover Letter; 9 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Examples; New On Glassdoor; Best Cities for Jobs 2020 1. In 2014 they reported having 200,000 distributors in Uganda. (2020):