This tracker has a history period of 2 hours and updates automatically every minute. These are the latest NCEP GFS model weather charts at Metcheck. Free access to maps of former thunderstorms. Lightning radar map. By and contributors. See lightning strikes in real time across the planet. Lightnings near me. Metcheck uses the latest ZEUS Long Range Detection Network lightning data to find out exactly where lightning has hit the ground down to the nearest 1km. Please note: Do not to use this data for protection of life or property! Contact: This map shows lightning strikes in real time from colors represent the age from now (white) to past (dark red) in 20 minutes time ranges. Thunderstorms are great! Toys Similar To This :-GEM ►GEFS ENS ►Long Range Charts ►. Updated every 5 minutes so you can track the latest storms and lightning strikes. Toys Similar To This :-Airmass ►Snow Satellite ►Visible Satellite ►, Live weather data from around the country displayed on Google Maps, Toys Similar To This :-Live Weather League ►Lightning Strikes ►Live Aeroplane Data ►. - See a history of hotspots where lightning strikes occur most often! By and contributors. See lightning strikes in real time across the planet. We are now leveraging our big data … 2 NEW frontpage articles- Christmas Is Coming- Rather Cold And Cloudy. ...Or you can join the friendly and lively, Michael Fish: Quiet weather sticking around, Largely dry but cloudy & murky weekend, changes next week as low pressure takes over. Also viewing guides for UK airfields and the Test Flying Memorial How clever is this? Do not use our data to protect people or equipment. With a sleek modern design, you can watch thunderstorms as they occur. We then post process all the strikes in the last 30 minutes to ensure that all strikes will appear on the map. The strikes are coloured based on when they were recorded :- - Strike Recorded Over 5 Mins Ago - Strike Recorded Within Last 5 MinsThis data is updated every 30 seconds. See how our lightning detection and horn work together White Paper: Take the threat of lightning seriously. Thunder and lightning moves closer to Exeter (Image: 14:37 Rom Preston-Ellis. Geographical Situation; The radar is located on the coastal plain 35 km north-northwest of the Adelaide city centre. Looking for sunshine across Britain and Ireland, and Antarctica in the late-spring sunshine... A clear and cold evening across Scotland but mild, misty and murky further south... Grand Prix - BahrainThe latest forecast and track radar for the practice, qualifying and race sessions of the upcoming Grand Prix at the Sakhir racetrack... Want to see where precipitation is dropping out of the sky right now across the UK? No worries, check out the 15 minute radar below which loops through the last 6 hours of information. The jet stream is identified as winds at 300mb (during Winter) and 200mb (during Summer). For live 5 minute updates, combined radar and lightning detection views and many more additional features take a look at Netweather Extra. Thunderstorm tracker. Check where the electrical storm is in the world. You can click on a strike on the map to see the location and time recorded. But for some people thunder and lightning are very, very frightening indeed (Even more than seeing us do the Fandango!) (The sound of thunder itself is caused by the lightning bolt heating up the surrounding air, which rapidly expands and rushes out, creating an explosive shock wave.) But for some people thunder and lightning are very, very frightening indeed (Even more than seeing us do the Fandango! My Lightning Tracker is the best app for monitoring lightning strikes all around the world in close to real-time. Whoah! Toys Similar To This :-Euro Radar ►Precipitype ►UK Tornado Radar ►.