This recipe definitely covers all the essential Thai requirements: spicy, sour, a little sweet, garlicky, all perfectly balanced. I love it! This dish can be basically divided into two. You know the one with the big fish tank where you can even choose the fish you will eat? The tangy sourness that comes from the lime juice. The meat should break with a fork and be opaque all the way through, but the bones should be slightly translucent. Surprise! Now we need a Thai sauce for fish. *. I've been getting braver about trying new Asian foods. Thank you so much and you would love this recipe. Place the fish on a serving dish with edges. Pour the sauce on top of it and enjoy it with a bowl of white rice! No Thai style fish, or even less a Thai style steam fish for that matter. For the third Eat the World Challenge we are taking a trip to Southeast Asia, more specifically Thailand! Click here to get your FREE Ingredient Substitutions Cheat Sheet right now! Thank you so much Loreto. make the steamed fish recipe one of these days. This Thai Steamed Fish Recipe with a Lime and Garlic Sauce is not the exception. Thank you so much Camilla, so glad you like the recipe :-). INFO & TIPS. Great alternatives are red snapper, rockfish, tilapia, trout, halibut or even salmon. Great styling on this post too! I love whole steamed fish but my fave is Hongkong style. Why? Mince the remaining ingredients and add it to the sauce. One of our favourite ones is this Thai steamed fish with lime and garlic. We don't eat enough fish so I must make an effort and nice recipes will help. And it’s Non-alcoholic, Laotian Pumpkin Coconut Milk Custard | Sang kaya mak eu, Red Rice Soul Food Recipe | #BLM Food for Thought, How to Browse Privately Using Google Chrome When Traveling, I WAS traveling during the Coronavirus Pandemic ✈, The Best Places to Travel in November for a Short Getaway, Steamed Fish Recipe with a Lime and Garlic Sauce, Yet Asian steamed fish recipes are very common in restaurants. Steam the fish in a bamboo steamer set over boiling water for 10 minutes or until just cooked. best fish to steam you ask? Something different! I live in Spain with my husband Marco. The sauce is out of this world. I soon realized I had very little authentic Thai recipes, just Thai inspired ones like my Thai butternut squash chilled soup. I was drawn in by the flavors of this dish, and then when I saw the presentation with the whole fish on the plate, it looked even more appetizing. Well done! I have a couple of whole fish on my blog, and I know some were squeamish, but the fish, cooked whole is delicious! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Arrange the fish in an oven or stovetop proof plate and pour the garlic mixture over the fish. Cut off the top half of the lemongrass, bruise the bottom stalks well, and place them inside the cavity of the fish. Basically, you can add a touch of Thai curry paste and call it Thai inspired. Place the steamer over high heat and steam the fish for about 12 minutes or until cooked through. Will have to get to it. Hope you try it with my complete explanations on how to steam a whole fish! But I do love fish, and the idea of a steamed fish is very appealing. Evelyne Budkewitsch, the owner of CulturEatz, features travel guides, international recipes, destination essays with photo tours, and exotic meal ideas. (If you haven’t got a steamer, put the … I love the lime and garlic sauce, actually that is what I love about Thai food is the sauces and their vibrant fragrances and flavors, plus that freshness you feel when you are eating it. And I have been wanting to steam a whole fish for a long time but always felt too intimidated. All eaters welcomed! I guess picking a prettier fish in the first place helps ha ha! Now that is impressive! But fresh garlic is traditional and best. Your email address will not be published. Steam for 15 minutes. Who said I used a fork lol? But it turned out to be way easier than I had assumed. Oh will def. I've never been one for eating fish that still look like fish, BUT, I would so give this a try! We love, love, love seeing the whole fish! 2) Steam the whole fish for 7 - 10 … I also learned. Here you’ll find easy, doable and healthy (mostly) yumminess to make at home. So glad you are not one to be afraid of a whole fish lol. Purely joyous food! Stir it well. Remove from the steamer and top fish … No wonder this Thai steamed fish recipe is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand by the locals. I also grew up learning to fish with my dad and he taught me how to gut a fish at a young age. In Thai cooking, a  garlic sauce recipe is also popular with the addition of lime and cilantro. Thank you Wendy, so glad you are a part of it and yes it was an awesome fish! Thai dishes are usually vibrant, exploding with flavor and spicy notes. So I am going to NEED on this! And it is a quick and easy steam fish recipe to make. That is right, intimidating until you do it and realize you have wasted so much time. Remove the steamed fish from the steamer, then pour the prepared sauce over the fish and garnish with coriander leaves. If you have a fish steamer as shown, that is the best option but any steamer that will hold the fish is fine. And ohhh.. not to brag or anything but the lemongrass and chillies came from my tiny garden . This is a really simple recipe to prepare but the key to success is not over-steaming the fish. You will receive an email soon asking you to confirm your subscription. Margaret: Shrimp Laksa – a light and luscious Thai Soup Everything I mention in this post is what I personally use and recommend. Required fields are marked *. Place the fish inside. I never found the meat on the cheeks of this fish. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Your email address will not be published. Lime Slices, for garnish Method In a small bowl, mix the garlic, lime juice, chilies, stock or water, fish sauce, and sugar. Will pin it for later! I was shocked to realize I have very little to show for authentic Thai dishes on CulutrEatz. Once the photo shoot was over, I already had a fork in hand. I hope you try the sauce. Stir well. Good news, you can hack a steamer at home. In a clay mortar, lightly pound garlic, cilantro stems, and chiles with a wooden pestle until a coarse paste forms. Click here to find out how to join and have fun exploring a country a month in the kitchen with us! Gently pour the sauce over the fish, keeping most of the garlic, coriander, and chilies on top of the fish. Mix until the sugar is dissolved and set aside until the mixture has cooled a bit. Fill the wok with 1-2 inches of water and make sure the plate is high enough that the fish does not come in contact with the water. In Thai cooking, a  garlic sauce recipe is also popular with the addition of lime and cilantro.