One of our writers is about to start her own album and we did a mic shootout to determine the best mic for her voice. The amplifier is the same as the ELA M 251 E which features a New Old Stock [NOS] Telefunken 6072a tube, a European-made output transformer that can also can be fitted to the ELA M 251 amplifier which is fitted with a NOS Telefunken AC-701 tube. Contact: Telefunken USA at 860-882-5919, Web Site. I say all that to say this. If you would like to DEMO one of our new microphone products please give me a ring. Since I’ve owned it, it's probably seen under 20 hours. AKG in Vienna had been building its highly successful large diaphragm condenser mic, the C12, since 1953. The mic comes in a gorgeous, locking, tweed and leather suitcase with padded velvet lining, which cradles the power supply and a beautiful, handmade wooden box for the mic itself. AKG And Telefunken Unite. Price ₹ - ₹ Search Telefunken. Although others have closely copied the approach of the 251, Telefunken USA has ventured into new territory — they have re-created the 251 from original designs, schematics, and blueprints. The new Ela-M 251 ($10,125) is the first of several faithful reproductions planned by Telefunken USA. But after I bought it I sent it to Telefunken to ensure that it was indeed a mint condition/up to spec Telefunken ELA M 251 E. Telefunken confirmed this mic was good as new. Telefunken USA: Ela-M 251 microphone ... the price has climbed steadily higher; and I haven't been able to afford one. The result was one of the finest microphones (or family of microphones) ever created, the ELA-M 250 and 251. … The mic is great for singers with sharp sounding midrange. Features. See Available Items. So, I was very anxious to audition a modern-day re-incarnation of the legend. The original Telefunken Ela-M 251, (a.k.a. The CK-13 capsule assembly will also be available through regular distribution channels for aftermarket retro-fit to all Telefunken Elektroakustik ELA M 250 and … The Telefunken ELA M 251 is one of the all-time classic vocal microphones: the sort of thing that you might, if you're lucky, get to try one day — or if you're even luckier, to own. Telefunken contracted with AKG to make a modified version of this mic with significant improvements, and a pair of microphones were … However, a microphone worth £ $ 10,000 or more is a huge luxury and, let's face it, well out of the financial grasp of most of us. The 251 won the shootout and we've been using it since. So, I was … Upon examining the mic, it … If you are in the market for a flagship microphone that can do it all and dont want the headache of having to worry if it sounds the way it … I’m lucky enough to have an original 251 and have always wanted another, but with the world’s supply fixed at about 2000 units, the price has climbed steadily higher; and I haven’t been able to afford one. Price: $10,125. Sort By: Show: Telefunken ; Telefunken. We recently purchased a new Telefunken USA ELA M 251 mic for our studio. This particular singer has a wide pitch range and can get pretty mid-rangey in the upper register on the … Calling it a “tribute to the classic microphone,” Telefunken USA’s meticulously built reproduction of the Ela-M 251 microphone is a near part-for-part dead ringer of the original. Toni Fishman of Telefunken North America will be in L.A. March 20th thru the end of the month. Available microphone systems in the L.A. area: 3) Telefunken USA Ela M251 E (6072a) 1) Telefunken USA Ela M12 (6072a) 1) Telefunken USA U47 M w/EF-14 Tube w/ M7 capsule. Filter .