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to make the groove more incisive. Final plugin in the group is LFO Tool. Final touch of processing, before we add some reverb. The kick is the main exception to the analogue rule. The sound is then bitcrushed using D16 Decimort after the reverb, so as to process the ambience as well as the original sample. We’ve taken two copies of our sample then tuned one low and one high. Finally, we’ve boosted the low end and removed made a small cut around 250 Hz. For this beat, we’re mainly going to use analogue drum samples as our sound sources, processing them with filters and saturation to create a distinctive in-­your­-face techno sound. J37 Tape If you enjoyed this tutorial you might find our book ‘The Secrets of Dance Music Production’ a helpful resource for similar tutorials. Vintage drum machine samples and analogue hits. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack is a free sound pack that comes loaded with many different styles of open hi-hats, closed hi-hats, and other cymbal related samples perfect for any style of music production. Once applied to the hi-hats, Kombinat Dva makes them sound noisier, more ‘machine-like’. The kick is the main exception to the analogue rule. The backbone of this beat is a deep, dubby, organic kick paired with a filtered low tom sample which acts almost like a second kick drum. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Attack Magazine is funded by advertising revenue. When you go deep into drum programming, however, you find there’s a hell of a lot to learn. Here is a simple pattern we programmed using 3 different hat sounds. Find the Closed Hi Hats sound you are looking for in seconds. The pattern is simple, just triggering on the final off beat of each bar, but this can be varied throughout the track to add some interesting rhythmic effects. There are multiple processing plugins used to achieve a final sound. First in a chain is a multiband distortion plugin. Firstly, the snare pattern is unusual: the snare hits on off beats and 16ths rather than on the two and the four as you might normally find it in a lot of house and techno beats. Enter the hi-hat and shaker. Our aim when choosing the two sounds is a relentless, sub-heavy backing with the disparate parts playing against each other to deliver an almost bouncy groove. Result The first, Hat 1, is treated with some saturation and subtle plate reverb and plays on the off beat, mirroring the snare pattern in most places and adding a little complexity toward the end of each bar. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. However, we wanted to showcase, how to achieve crispy sounding hi-hats using single shot samples. Pro Q2 The kick pattern is a simple four­-to­ … This beat contains two slightly different closed hi­-hat sounds. Find the Open Hi Hats sound you are looking for in seconds. Velocity play a fundamental role here, making the pattern feel more humanised and adding a subtle groove. An analogue rim shot sound such as the one from the Roland TR-909 is a good starting point here, but any percussive sound with a defined pitch can work. High Pass filtering ensures that any unnecessary low-end, introduced by previous distortions, is being filtered out. Tags:eq, hi-hats, processing, saturation, tape, techno. These cookies do not store any personal information. The kick pattern is a simple four­-to­-the-­floor beat. We haven’t processed the drum bus for our examples, but saturation from an effect such as FabFilter Volcano can be added to achieve a more aggressive character. This song features a classic half time pattern, with the snare on the 3rd beat of each bar. While the kick hits four-to-the-floor, the tom sounds at measures 7 and 15, with a simple variation at the end of the four bar loop. RC 48 This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Feel free to experiment with your own favorite distortions, compressors etc… In this case, we will show you, what worked for us. The resulting sound isn’t quite a snare any more, but an indefinable percussive sound. We’ve chosen a LinnDrumsample for its unique snappy attack, then run it through heavy compression and analogue overdrive to add character and harmonics. Now for the hats: this is a standard open hi-hat off-beat pattern with a closed hi-hat adding some shuffle to the groove on the 8th and 16th divisions. Discount automatically applied at the checkout. We’ve chosen a LinnDrum sample for its unique snappy attack, then run it through heavy compression and analogue overdrive to add character and harmonics. 13 Free Trap Hi-Hat Midi Files; 15 Free Trap Melodies Patterns ; The Rose – 16 Free R&B Chord Progressions The Rose Vol.2 – 7 Free Loops & Midis; Thin Ice – 11 Free Hip-Hop MIDI Loops Free PIANO Midi Files Classic piano midi files are useful for any music producers. At its core, drum programming is easy. We also included 100 hi hat loops ready to be used in your drum tracks and deliver instant sonic gratification. BLACK FRIDAY DEALS // 15% OFF 2 products. It sounds glued and cohesive, like it’s coming from a single sound source. Download FREE Closed Hi Hats sounds - royalty-free! Choose sounds that contain similar frequency content. The tom hit can sit almost anywhere in the beat, although you may want to filter away some low end if you trigger it on top of a kick drum.