You'll receive the following as rewards for beating the Taurus Demon: You may also receive the following as a drop: Wow, no comments yet... why not be the first? Gemini, depicted as a two-headed man, with its corresponding many-headed demon. You'll meet the Taurus Demon at the end of Undead Burg, on a narrow walkway. There are a number of strategies that can work against him, but first we'll offer some notes on … Get told you've won. Get horribly wrecked but somehow don't die. The attempt was unsuccessful and accidentally created the Bed of Chaos, the mother and source of all demons. This fight is pretty simple but if you don’t know how to do it correctly you might be in trouble. If you're looking for more help, our … Don’t try to take on more than one at a time. Havel is an incredibly powerful but incredibly slow being that most players can repeatedly backstab to death. Oh, actually: Point five: At the Taurus Demon, there's a ladder on the right of the door you came out of. An easier method is to force the demon off the bridge to its death. It's relatively easy by the rest of the game's standards, but still quite tricky for a newcomer. Follow the path south until you arrive at an intersection when you'll notice a funny sound when Taurus Demon approaches your party. Just fought the Taurus Demon for the first time and discovered this little strategy. You can easily avoid this attack by rolling towards him. This demon will leap up and try and put a damper on your plans. The Taurus Demon will be waiting for you at the bottom of the tower. In this fight I suggest using two main tactics: 1) Melee fight on the tower - once you see the demon rushing towards you, go back and climb the tower behind you. //]]>. Charge at him with a single Estus Flask charge. If you have any items which inflict such type of damage, you might apply them to your weapon (in the location before a fight you can find Gold Pine Resin). Wait until the beast jumps up. Tips. Taurus Demon. Lock on to the Taurus Demon using the right thumb stick on your Xbox 360 controller. Quickly jump over him and hit him while in the air. Just you wait until you face your first double boss – that will make everything you've faced up until that point easy by comparison. Join 354,292 people following Push Square: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. From here, you can easily fall off and perform a plunging attack, knocking off a huge portion of his health. Too Many Cows - Follow the long stone path to the very bottom, looking out over the now-cooled lava, you will find a total of 7 Taurus Demons in the distance on the l. They are impossible to fight as a group, so lure them out one at a time (bow and arrows are your safest bet). The demon will appear when you reach the middle of the bridge. Taurus Demons were demons that were most likely created when the Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame using a Lord Soul. Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 2. 3) Ground stab - he stabs the ground with his weapon. This technique is not easy, because at the game beginning you will not have too many good weapons. //