TAKIS Snacks (Botanas Takis de Barcel) by Barcel are tortilla snacks that resemble rolled tacos; this crunchy snack is coated with salsa and seasoned with lemon powder. They come in four flavors with varying heat intensities: Fuego (Hot Chili Pepper & Lemon), Salsa Brava (Hot Sauce), Takis Nitro (Habanero & Lime) and Crunchy Fajita (Taco Flavored). However the enjoyment of Takis has spread like wildfire among the youth of the United States, with Takis appealing strongly to the teenage and young adult crowd. About Us Privacy Policy Terms Of Service Contact Cookies Policy. Takis are available in three (3) flavours : Outlaw, Fuego, Xplosion, and two size formats, 9- g and 280 g. Overall Takis advertisement has been somewhat tame, though their growth may suggest that perhaps their strategy is not to need marketing as much as other brands, such a Skittles, that markets heavily. Takis Nitro. They also weren't our favorite flavors.) Created with Sketch. Flavors include, Jalapeño, Diabla, Limon-Chipotle, Fuego, Habanero, Adobada, the classic Sal De Mar (Sea Salt), Blue Fire, and Nitro The chips found in a bag of Takis tend to be red and orange in color, although some flavors such as Guacamole are more yellowish-lime … You will be able to enjoy this wonderful flavor without having to worry about your mouth being on fire, as it’s not spicy. Takis was originally intended by Barcel to be aimed towards the Hispanic demographic of the snack market, as lime flavor is popular in regions around Mexico and Central America. This product may not be the hottest snack ever made, but it sure made me sweat around the neck area. They come in four flavors with varying heat intensities: Fuego (Hot Chili Pepper & Lemon), Salsa Brava (Hot Sauce), Takis Nitro (Habanero & Lime) and Crunchy Fajita (Taco Flavored). Information about snacks, food, and candy. Takis Huakamoles. Grupo Bimbo is highly conscious about the nutritional value of snack foods, which gave way to the creation of Barcel?s production presentations of 100 kcalories, which are smaller portions for consumption in order to moderate the calories ingested by their consumers. Grupo Bimbo has a small polar bear as a mascot and is known for being one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, operating some of the largest bakeries in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Spain as of 2019. The brand?s popularity has spread ever since and many factories were inaugurated in Queretaro Norte, the State of Mexico, Mexicali Baja California, Merida Yucatan and Hidalgo. The saying you “are you Takis enough” helps link the mindset that the brand seems to want, to come off as a bold snack with a bold range of flavors. The name Takis may not be Takis true original name, it may have once been called Taquis, though little confirmation of that could be found and it may just be a rumor. This is a crunchy snack, but easy to bite into. This review is for Takis Wild, which has the flavor of spicy buffalo. As for the snack Takis, it is an engaging snack with a strong taste and a strong fan base. Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime by Barcel (Pack of 5), Takis Nitro Habanero & Lime by Barcel (Pack of 5), Takis Salsa Brava Hot Sauce by Barcel (Pack of 5), Takis Crunchy Fajita Taco by Barcel (Pack of 5), Takis Guacamole Flavored Rolled Tortilla Minis (Pack of 5), Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Tortilla Minis (Pack of 3), Takis Crunchy Fajita Taco Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Minis (Pack of 3), Takis Fuego Sala Brava Hot Sauce Flavored Rolled Tortilla Minis (Pack of 3), Mini Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Flavored Rolled Tortilla (25 units 1.2 oz ea), Takis Nitro Habanero & Lime by Barcel (Pack of 3), Takis Xtra Hot Limited Edition (Pack of 5), Takis Xplosion Cheese and Chili Pepper by Barcel (Pack of 5), Takis Zombie Habanero & Cucumber Tortilla Chips (Pack of 5), Mini Takis ZOMBIE Habanero & Cucumber Flavored Rolled Tortilla (25 units 1.2 oz ea), Barcel Pop Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn (Pack of 3), Mini Blue Takis Fuego Azul Flavored Rolled Tortilla (25 units 1.2 oz each), Takis Titan Chipotle and Lime Tortilla Chips by Barcel (Pack of 3), Takis Lava Cheese and Chipotle Tortilla Chips by Barcel (Pack of 3), Takis Angry Burger Hamburger and Dill Pickles Tortilla Chips by Barcel, Takis Wild Spicy Buffalo Tortilla Chips by Barcel (Pack of 3), Peanuts - Cashews - Mixed Nuts - Trail Mix, Free Ground Shipping on $60 or more. I brought in three flavors of Takis for our tasting: the spicy chili- and lime-flavored Fuego, the habanero-spiced-but-actually-less-spicy Nitro, and a wildcard we hadn't tried before, Salsa Brava. Here is a list of the different flavors of Takis. Takis Scorpion BBQ. Wild Tortilla Chips. The buffalo flavor was apparent, though much as an after taste. Takis Crunchy Fajita. If Takis chooses not to engage in sponsorship, it would be in sharp contrast to a snack brand such as Slim Jim, that thrives on funding things such as sponsorship for extreme sports or actions sports, although Takis has themes of intensity that they project at greater lengths then most snack brands. This review is for Takis Crunchy Fajitas Flavor, that comes in a green bag. Takis appears to be most well known for its flavor Fuego, and its corresponding purple colored packaging that has become a familiar sight to its fans. Takis has engaged in a limited amount of advertising, such as a smattering of tours and commercials. Within the first few bites of this spicy tortilla chip, you instantly taste the lime attempting to overpower the flaming hot spice. Use Coupon Code: SHIP2ME4FREE. Learn more here! While it does not appear that Takis manufacturer, Barcel, gives out its sales information, the Barcel company did win an innovation award for Takis from an organization called Nielsen that had a requirement of a product that generated a minimum of $50 million in first-year sales in the U.S. market while sustaining at least 90 percent of those sales in the second year. This is especially directed towards the nutrition of children, so they can enjoy fun snacks without excess calories. Takis worked its way into consumers hearts and minds through small stores and gas stations, becoming popular with the teenage crowd for its spiciness and the daring of those who tried the popularized snack. TAKIS Mini Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips by Barcel. The company that produces Takis, Barcel, and also Barcel’s parent company Grupo Bimbo, makes a range of other snacks and candies products in addition to Takis. Takis Blue Heat. Not only does it taste closely to guacamole, but it has the perfect hint of lime and a little spice. Takis are rare around here! This tagline seems to have caught on with some of their fans and helps reinforce the brand’s image. Takis ® Wild™ rolled tortilla chips aren’t for the mild. This product will leave you searching for a drink, and we found Sprite to be a handy refreshment to counteract the hotness of this product. Whoa, Nelly! The efforts of Barcel have lasted for more then 32 years, establishing itself as a beloved brand of Mexico and a favorite worldwide. To my surprise this flavor satisfied my taste buds more then i expected. So, if you like your taste buds lassoed with the fiercely intense flavor of spicy buffalo ranch, well then saddle up with a bag and let’s ride. Takis has taken the North American continent by storm, quickly climbing from obscurity to popularity. This snack does deliver on its promise to give a hot chili pepper and lime flavor experience. The color of Takis Wild's tortilla chips are orange-red and are coating with flakes of some type of spice. Takis YouTube channel shows 28 videos at the time of this writing in late 2019, with some of those videos being short commercials, others more full fledged commercials, and some tours and promotional stuns to promote the Takis brand.