SEASONAL CHINESE LANGUAGE & CULTURE PROGRAM; CHINESE LANGUAGE & CULTURE CAMP; CUSTOMIZABLE PROGRAM; CAMPUS. One vote for National Chengchi University. Chinese Culture University (CCU) was founded in 1962. Chinese Language Programs in Taiwan. About 70 percent of them speak Mandarin. These seven counties and cities usually being categorized as “Northern Taiwan.” Click the list below and find all universities located in this area. Build an international network of friends, get to know the local culture firsthand … The Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program (TISLP) enables dedicated students of Mandarin Chinese to complete a year's worth of academic study in only eight weeks. National Taiwan University’s Foreign Language Program is a fantastic choice for those who want to learn Chinese in small classroom settings. Since the establishment of the Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei City in 1956, 52 university language institutes have been set up across the country. The New Chinese Course is especially designed for the students who come from Europe or America, and who are not familiar with the Chinese writing system. An individual MOU school student gets a 10% off discount. Located in Taipei, this program focuses on utilizing an efficient learning environment, complete with supportive teachers, to get learners excited about learning Chinese. It is so unique that our competitors do not have it. The International Chinese Language Program Department at National Taiwan University on Taiwan is home to numerous high-level institutions that offer Mandarin language classes to non-native speakers. The Chinese Flagship Program at Hunter College, City University of New York is a rigorous undergraduate program of study in Mandarin Chinese language and culture that aims to enable highly-motivated undergraduate students of all majors to achieve a Superior level of proficiency in Chinese. Phone:+886-2-3366-3366 Fax:+886-2-2362-7651::: National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei offers culture tours, as well as scheduled events in learning Chinese calligraphy, tai chi, cooking, and idioms and proverbs. I would recommend anyone to study here if they are motivated to learn the language!” Alex, Canada. 47,590(bachelor degree) 48,370(master/doctoral degree) 1,390(bachelor degree) 1,410(master/doctoral degree) Business (not including Computer Science and Information Management) 49,110. (within permitted length of degree program) Tuition (10 credits or more per semester beyond permitted length of degree program) ... Foreign Languages and Cultures; Law. Immersion is the best way to enhance your Mandarin proficiency. Come and enjoy a Chinese language program in Taiwan with LTL Mandarin School and choose from a host of exciting programs. Is an overseas Chinese student or a national of the R.O.C. Taiwan has an outstanding higher education system that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects. However, my teacher was able to give me a good foundation of the Chinese language to learn from. Known locally as Táidà, the university is in the Daan district, close to one of the points at which Taipei ends and New Taipei City begins. National Taiwan University. Thu, Nov 30th 2017 【Camp MV】Sharing all Chinese Camp MV Wed, Dec 23rd 2015 【Free Culture Class】Walking on the street, studying Chinese language Tue, Sep 8th 2015 【Summer Camp】A Happy Learning time spent in Chinese Learning Camp Thu, Jul 23rd 2015 【Summer Camp】TV news report of Soochow Chinese Learning Camp Fudan University accepts international students for long term and short term language programs, general advanced and other tailor-made programs. All CLC courses are divided into beginning, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced levels. 01:30 pm -05:30 pm. Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program | The Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program enables dedicated students of Mandarin Chinese to complete a year's worth of academic study in only eight weeks. Tuition fee: TWD42,000. Classes are based upon learners’ needs, ranging from individual tutorial classes, small-group classes of 5-10 students, and regular classes of 20 or more students. Is an exchange student to Taiwan, during the scholarship period.