Taiwan Red Lady Papaya Cultivation. Sowing Temperature is 25-30°C, We have a capacity to supply 20 tons of papaya per month. Taiwan 786 Red lady papaya. 2. Taiwan Variety is mosaic virus resistance. They have a longer shelf life. Fruiting – 4.5 months and 8 months to pluck the fruit from the plant. Siddh Krushi Clinic - Offering Papaya Red Lady 786 Taiwan Seeds, Carica Papaya Seeds, पपीता के बीज, पपीते के बीज, पपाया सीड at Rs 2750/10 gm in Surat, Gujarat. Weight of fruit :- 1.50 to 2 kg. Papaya Red Lady Fruit-F1 Taiwan Hybrid Seeds Plant (2g) 3.7 out of 5 stars 4. 300,00 ₹ Next. The fruit of the Papaya do no rotten up to 15 days after complete ripe. However, veteran plant breeder KK Subramani, who has developed an F1 hybrid variety of the same in India, believes that things are soon going to change, and the country will soon be saving valuable foreign exchange. Production - 40 to 60 kilograms per plant. Interested person contact in our mail id. We are supplying best quality red lady papaya seeds, sapling & its details consultancy services in India. All seeds in this packet bear fruit. Top variety papaya with bright orange sweet fruits, 1-3 kg each, mostly seedless. Land Preparation for Papaya Plantation. E very year, India imports papaya seeds of the Red Lady Dwarf (RLD) variety worth Rs 100 crores from a Taiwan-based company.. Color of fruit inside :- Orange. Why Taiwan Variety:-1. They also have some resistance to cool weather. Get contact details and address| ID: 13184672630 I. iiht Active Member. Type : Taiwan Red lady; Shelf Life : 1 week; We cultivate organic papaya. Red Lady Papaya Taiwan F1 Hybrid seeds are imported from Taiwan and are known for their high productive values. Taiwan Papaya Red Lady 786 has 100% guarantee on category, virus free category. Sweetness of fruit :- 13% Harvesting of fruit :- 210 to 220 days Product details. That in turn proves helpful in export of this fruits to any other state or country. All seeds in this packet bear fruit. Jan 6, 2015 #2 RED LADY … Since they are cultivated organically they are safe to eat and are more tastier. This is a new variety of papaya and very popular among farmers in recent years. Taiwan Red Lady papaya gives high yield & both male & female flowers bears on the same plant. Red lady papaya is very large in size and is cultivated for fruit purpose. Seed sourced from Know-New Seeds Taiwan. Read about company. "Red Lady" papaya trees produce fruit on average nine months from seed. The land meant for papaya cultivation must be well-protected from strong winds and must not get waterlogged easily during rains.