Big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) was sourced in British Honduras (today called Belize) and was sold by the trade name Honduran Mahogany. Swietenia macrophylla: Big-leaf mahogany admin 2019-02-09T19:34:24+08:00. Swietenia krukovii Gleason. Flower—Swietenia mahagoni: mahogany. Cedrus mahogani, Swietenia fabrilis, Swietenia mahogany, Swietenia mahogoni. Photograph by: Gerrit Davidse. A native of South Florida, the mahogany tree grows a naturally beautiful canopy of small pretty leaves that create dappled shade. The mahogany tree (Swietenia mahagoni) is a large tropical tree with a semievergreen growth habit. Photograph by: Vinayaraj Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Swietenia mahagoni is a trifling prolix, mediocre dimensioned creeper topical to West Indies. The tree is deciduous in areas where it is subject to drought. A white picket fence kind of shade tree, a mahogany works well in landscapes with some space as a front or back yard tree. Trunk and buttress roots of a cultivated tree in southern India. Swietenia mahagony is ordinarily called as caoba, acajou, West Indies mahogany or caoba dominicana around different parts of the world. The bark is smooth grey on young trees, turning to scaly dark reddish-brown on large trees. The crown is large, open, and round. Leaf—Swietenia mahagoni: mahogany Figure 4. Much of it was, but it was also being harvested in a range of other places, from Mexico to southern Amazonia in Brazil. Common name Mahogany, West Indian Mahogany, Spanish mahogany, Madeira redwood, acajou, caoba, caoba de Santo, cheria mahogany, Cuban mahogany, American mahogany, True mahogany, small leaf mahogany, Dominican mahogany. This has led many to believe that the wood was grown in Honduras. Photograph by: Gerrit Davidse. Family Meliaceae (Mahogany family). The leaves are compound. Swietenia tessmannii Harms. Enough sunlight peeks through the tree's foliage to allow grass to grow beneath it. Swietenia mahagoni is a tall tree, up to 30 m high, with a short, buttressing base, up to 1 m in diameter and a large, spherical crown, many heavy branches and dense shade. Overview Mahogany is an upright … Common Name: Big Leaf Mahogany. Project Description Mahogany are semi-evergreen trees that lose old leaves as new leaves begin to grow. It belongs to the species of genus Swietenia which came from chinaberry family, i.e-meliacea. Nearly leafless, fruiting tree. Nearly leafless, fruiting tree. Swietenia mahagoni. The bole is straight, cylindrical, buttressed, and can be up to 120 cm in diameter. Swietenia macrophylla, otherwise known as Big Leaf Mahogany or Honduras Mahogany, is a slow-growing, tall, tropical tree reaching a height of about 40-60 m. Often buttressed, the trunk is covered with gray and cracked bark.