Thanks for your help! cottage cheese, phyllo pastry, custard powder, lemon, egg yolk and 7 more Phyllo Cups with Crabmeat Filling Lousiana Kitchen Culture lime juice, green bell pepper, mayonnaise, crabmeat, muffin, light soy sauce and 11 more I’ve used it for all kinds of tarts. Sweet tart recipes. Should I blind bake at all or let it bake with the custard filling? Some reviewers went rogue and cooked the filling a bit before filling the pastry. This is my favorite pastry crust. Enjoy a classic bakewell tart or try something new, like our gin and lime custard tart. The apples aren't precooked for this version, and you're making one big pastry instead of individual turnovers. The pie has to bake for 30-40 minutes. I would think 40 minutes would burn the crust if I did the full 20 minute blond bake. I’m planning to make a buttermilk pie and have a question. There’s nothing better than a slice of still-warm tart, with a nice cup of tea, for afternoon tea. You can cut slits into the top before baking to let the steam escape so the filling doesn't get too watery.