Other popular guitar woods include Korina, which was made popular by Gibson in the late 1950s. Swamp ash, up until earlier this year, was a staple of Fender guitars. Our Swamp Ash is weighted at 2.8 lbs per bd/ft or less, which is desirable for many guitar builders. Ash used for building guitar bodies is categorised into two types: Northern Ash or hard Ash, and southern Ash or swamp Ash, with the latter more commonly used. Swamp Ash has good sustain, firm bass tones, bite in the midrange, and airy highs. If you’ve sanded to a too-coarse grit the stain highlights scratches, and if you’ve sanded too fine the wood won’t accept the stain very well. 7/4. Some of the best sounding Fender Guitars were made from Swamp Ash. 4/4. Subject to availability. 9/4. It then announced that it would be phasing out the wood in most cases, reserving it only for special occasions – historical models and the highest-end offerings.. Now, Scientific American has taken a deep look as to what problems swamp ash supply is faced with. Naturally a moist bottom land or stream bank tree, it is hardy to climatic extremes. Ash Swamp - It is the most widely distributed of all the American ashes. Swamp Ash is a great sounding tone wood that takes a finish beautifully and is light enough to resonate well but strong enough to be stable. Ash is another wood type favoured by Fender besides Alder. 8/4. 10/4. About 10 years ago Paul Reed Smith Guitars started producing a guitar made entirely from "Swamp Ash." Flooding is common there but global warming is causing these areas to now be underwater two-thirds of the year, effectively eliminating Southern Ash lumber from the market. Swamp Ash Overview. Swamp Ash trees typically root into swampy water, which gives it the name. The most common use is for electric guitar bodies. per BF. We select our Swamp Ash from only the Mississippi delta region of the Unite States. Ash is forgiving and easy to sand, so a … Swamp Ash is not a species unto itself but rather, differs from White Ash because of how it has grown. We require an average weight of less than 2.5 lbs. Other Popular Guitar Woods. Many American guitar factories use Swamp Ash because the wood is lightweight, pretty, and has a pleasant timbre. Swamp Ash. The term "Swamp Ash" does not refer to any particular species of ash (Fraxinus genus), but is generally used by luthiers to describe lightweight wood yielded from ash trees which are usually found in wet or swampy areas. A general rule about staining is that there’s a sweet spot at which a wood is sanded to a just-right grit. Re: What is "Swamp Ash" tone wood? LATIN: FRAXINUS AMERICANA ORIGIN: NORTH AMERICA. Thicknesses. « Reply #18 on: January 14, 2019, 03:20:36 PM » Generally speaking, Swamp Ash is a proprietary name for southern Ash that is soft texture, bright sapwood color and unusually light in weight. 5/4. 6/4. Flooding due to climate change – Most of Fender’s Swamp Ash comes from river islands in the Mississippi Delta.