OVERALL SCORE. Chase Bliss Audio Further Collaborates with and Innovates Compact Format Cooper FX Generation Loss Pedal. Available immediately. Walrus Audio Monument V2 Tremolo. I’ll take the company’s word for it. Chase Bliss Audio Further Collaborates with and Innovates Compact Format Cooper FX Generation Loss Pedal. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo Pedal V2 Reviews. Again I have a Chase Bliss Gravitas which offers a little more, but the Monument is right up there. You get 5 familiar knobs - Volume, Division, Rate, Shape and Depth, alongside toggle-switch for Harmonic/Standard modes - and of course the obligatory tap-tempo footswitch. I'm a big fan of Strymon so I would obviously pay the premium for the Strymon. I have no qualms about its extended feature set or how fantastic it sounds. A relatively simple but effective all analog harmonic tremolo - you can still flick it to standard / Bias mode courtesy of the mode switch - otherwise you have just 4 controls - Speed | Intensity | Envelope Drift | Volume. £178. Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo V2 Pedal Availability: In Stock. JHS Pedals Honey Comb Deluxe Tremolo . Supro 1310 Tremolo Available On Amazon – Check Current Price. My own knowledge of the genre comes mostly via use of my own favourite tremolo - the Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas - and for me, Tap-Tempo is a must for all my time-based modulations. I’ve had several requests recently to do a feature on purely Harmonic Tremolos so this is it! 4 . Walrus Audio Monument V2 Harmonic Tap Tremolo - It's trembling with excitement. Keeley DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo. My only issue here is one of size really - as you would be sacrificing a lot of pedalboard real estate to a single effect - however good. Informations sur l'expédition. This is obviously a digital effect and some purists are adamant about only having analog modulations - but I mix mine up fairly regularly - to it's not an impediment here. This is another great sounding tremolo - but I could have really done with a tap-tempo here too. Contact Us We're here to help. Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter Stereo Tremolo. This medium enclosure tremolo has some cool features onboard - not least the 4 different modes - Tap (Tempo), LoFi (Bass-cut), Dist (Max Grit) and DBL (Double rate). The Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo is a hugely versatile pedal, with two tremolo modes and a range of controls that let you set your perfect tremolo sound. If you roll the depth back the Night Wire will act like a fixed filter, phase-shifter or envelope-controlled-filter depending on the Frequency mode selected. This has just been revised and re-launched, and of course the first batch sold out almost immediately. 339 € 119 . A sophisticated take on some classic and contemporary tremolo textures, with boutique quality to match. •Tap Tempo with 4 subdivisions. Each of the pedals featured here will do the job nicely - and several here have some very unique features - so it really depends on what your criteria are and usage preferences. Ways to Wiggle Trem terminology can be tricky, so first, a bit of clarification. 244 € JHS Pedals Honey Comb Deluxe Tremolo. 1 comment. SUMMARY. I personally would be very unlikely to buy a tremolo which did not include tap-tempo. This was for a while my second choice for Harmonic Tremolos - after the Gravitas - but the recently revamped Dandelion from Flower Pedals just pips it in its own updated version. Changes to the V2 are as follows: • Converted to smaller enclosure I liked this when it first came out - but the new V2 version is killer - with its smart Dual tremolo mode and Ramping functions. Comes with box, etc £200. Dave Friedman Finally Releases Compact Smallbox Overdrive/Distortion Pedal which was first teased at this year's Winter NAMM, Boss Releases Refined and Evolved Nextone Special 2-Channel Amp with Extra Controls and Brand New B12 Waza Craft Speaker, Sitek's New and Improved Caffeine V2 Dirty Booster is the Perfect Dynamic Playback Amp Conditioner, Keeley Launches Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo Pedal on Same Smart Platform as the Eccos Delay, Ed Rembold's Toneczar Openhaus 6-Band Active EQ High Gain Distortion is a Beautifully Balanced Metal Monster, Steve Demedash Releases the Rather Clever Spidola Germanium Fuzz - which Internally Splits the High and Low Frequency Signal Generation. So my own top 3 here are Gravitas, Dandelion and Monument. I'm also a tweaker at heart - which means there are several other pedals listed here which are more suitable to my preferences. Wampler Latitude Standard Tremolo Pedal. 277 € 4 . The Supro 1310 Tremolo is a genuine vintage tremolo pedal that will provide you with everything you’ll ever need if your requirements are all about classic amp tremolos. Mind blowing on one hand, but on the other hand, I can't see how I'd use this at a gig! This function normally works with any tap tempo stompbox with an open switch and active low. 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