If only the power button / channel button does not work on the TV remote control, check Infrared Remote Control not operating properly or not responding at all. See the below steps for help with the section that isn't working properly. Press and hold the Power button on the remote until the "Power off" message appears/ is displayed (approx. The original Sony remote will not work. Top tip - our quick recommended solution. 2) Running power - This is what is used once the set turns on. try a Soft Reset: Soft reset. I contacted support and they are sending me a new remote that I still need to wait for 5-14 DAYS! Before you take your tv remote apart or buy a new one try this method. Turn the TV on and unplug the power directly from the socket. It just keep on saying "Not available". All buttons on my remote except the power doesn't work. 1 minute). The YouView guide on my Sony TV isn’t working properly. Hi @maggiesofia25,. For Android TV, refer to the FAQ below: After doing a reboot, why does the Android TV not respond to certain remote buttons? ; Solution 2: Re-Syncing the TV and Remote. Wait several minutes after doing the reboot, then try. The guide is made up of two sections, Now & Next and the Backwards Programme Guide. If you are seeing 'No Information' or 'loading' for programmes in the Backwards Programme Guide, then you may not be connected to the Internet . See … I tried everything on this thread and scanned bluetooth using my phone but only the remote will show up. Manolo One Minute Fix- Try this method first before going out to buy another TV remote. 5 seconds); Release the Power button when "Power off" message appears on-screen; The TV will begin a reboot sequence and will restart automatically (approx. NOTE: Some buttons cannot be used directly after a reboot. Page 3: Tv Cannot Turn On (No Power) Or Tv Screen Is Black Power & Display/Picture TV cannot turn on (no power) or TV screen is black 1. Try this First!!! (This is what is being reported here.) ; Try to use the remote and check to see if the issue persists. This is triggered either by pressing the power button on the TV or on the remote. Unplugging TV from the wall; Press and hold the TV’s power button for 30 seconds. Backwards Programme Guide. Plug in the socket properly Check the cable connection Check connection of AC Adapter 2. Make sure the AC power cord is connected securely to a working wall outlet. For how to reset the other TV models, refer to: How to perform a power reset on a Sony television. ; Plug the power back in and turn the TV on. If this is not present, a remote won't work and most likely the TV won't turn on at all. I am so highly disappointed with this product.