Placing your subwoofer near a wall will generally result in more bass. Install/Placement. L. lonepine New Member. If I can only impart one piece of knowledge on you, let it be this: subwoofers need room to breathe, so don’t suffocate them by hiding them in a cupboard or under a table. Subwoofer Placement for Your Room. Speaker Placement Advice in Open Concept Living Room. Since bass frequencies are omnidirectional, you have flexibility where your subwoofer goes. I’ll cover studio subwoofer placement in a later section. General Audio Forum . Best speaker placement in oblong room, open plan kitchen/LR. This type of subwoofer while adequate and fine for home use is not what most professionals use. Any suggestions are appreciated. I currently have no audio components in the room. Hey everyone, ... Subwoofer requirements? As I pointed out, placement should depend on a few things, but if you’re not able to put your subwoofer in the sweet spot, just make sure you’re not making matters worse. I had no idea room size/setup played such a big part in a subs performance. This demonstration got me to wondering if the HSU VTF3-MK4 will be enough sub to fill the open floor plan living room. I have attached pictures to illustrate my room set up. The measurements I gave are for the living room itself, but as you can see, the room opens to other spaces, so I'm concerned about that. Measurements at adjacent seats in a small room. Forums. Sep 29, 2015 2 0 0 Northern California, USA. Front-Firing subs will send that deep bass out into the room and are the better choice if you can place them in an appropriate position. Figure 1. If you have a smaller room, there may just be one place that your subwoofer sounds good and can fit. Placement near a corner where three room boundaries come together will get you even more. Our Favorite Technology & Audio Forums. Working with the room involves acoustical treatments along with smart subwoofer placement and adjustment. Thread starter lonepine; Start date Sep 29, 2015; Tags speaker placement Home. Subwoofer. Your room size plays a huge role in the acoustics of your soundbar sound system. Working against the room can involve anything from fancy EQs to room correction software. Using custom-developed room simulator software, the responses for a number of different subwoofer configurations and seating configurations have been predicted and documented in AES paper 8748 along with publicly available simulation results.. Each simulation was made not for just one room, but for a range of different room sizes.