But it was an ordinary flood. I began to think that flood has not done any harm and damage to any property in particular. I got down with my belongings and headed towards the platform. While in Kolkata, I always touched upon the good things of the village for being a true and good human being. The Gangasagar Express streamed off with a loud horn declaring its intention that it is going to the place recurrently washed away bit by bit by the slow slap of the flood. LJP founder Ram Vilas Pasan is no more (file photo). I closed my eyes and let my mind pregnant with infantile thoughts taking the wings of the imagination roam free wherever it wanted to, in the sky of vast universe sometimes sitting on the tree of philosophy, sometimes chirping in the echo of Vedantic mantras and sometimes touching on the wounds of humanity waiting to be healed up by the goodness of heart and social harmony until loud fish selling noises made by the passengers mixed up with the potters looking for the customers who could hire them for carriage, woke me up all on a sudden. Essay on Flood . Shouldn't Tejashwi be Barred from Becoming the Leader of the Opposition? While waiting for something to come to satisfy the stomach I switched on the TV and began to change channel after channel only to glue my eyes to the TV screen. Hat’s story illustrates how a natural disaster can be devastating for poor families. But these moaning sounds were quite incomprehensible to us. One day flood comes suddenly and destroys people’s home, equipments, animal, etc. The flooding has now affected eight regions and three million people, according to the United Nations’ humanitarian office. The flooding has so far affected eight regions and three million people. Mr. Quizzanganong tried cruising around in his off-road vehicle to survey the damage from the flooding, but was forced to retreat because of the raging current. But what I had thought before arriving here was shattered to pieces resulting in my continual repentance over my act. Ms. Malilin clambered to the roof of her bungalow with her two daughters, two grandchildren and other relatives last Friday just as the Cagayan began to overflow. Rapid development and deforestation along flood-prone areas have exacerbated the devastation. Once upon a time in Queensland, there was a huge flood. Some of the villagers would be sitting, some squatting and some standing along the road untouched by the cruel hand of the flood and fish out; some for their entertainment while some for the meal to be cooked at home and tasted with great taste. 29 October 2020. How Do Our Children Know About Basic Health Care? As many as 70 have already been killed. What I have found is that they are utilitarian, thinking of everything in terms of profit and loss. TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines — Brown water submerged nearly everything, as entire villages were swallowed by the deluge. Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and others. I found myself all alone in the crowd. By that time it was drizzling as if it were giving me a red carpet welcome. This is typhoon season in the Philippines. The idea and interest for enjoying the fantastic view of flood and getting associated with the village people I knew for reviving the experience of childhood days was drown into the teary pool and my idea to be rooted to the culture and rural tradition submerged into it, only not to come out of it alive. Illegal logging, quarrying and deforestation have made living near the river more dangerous. Bong Quizzanganong, a Catholic businessman in Tuguegarao, described the flooding in biblical terms: like a raging wall of water sent from above. “We want all the isolated areas to be reached, because when you see people living, sleeping on the rooftops waving at you, you could almost feel how relieved they are to see you,” said Lt. Col. Wildemar Tiu, a co-pilot on the relief mission. Her body was brought to the roof so it wouldn’t be swept away by the rising water. Rescue workers, military and the police have been forced to deliver relief by air and have plucked hundreds of survivors from rooftops since Sunday. A man led a carabao, a type of water buffalo, on one of the few roads that remain accessible. “Ondoy feels here at Karangalan Village. A male goat came and started to eat the flour she was making.